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Amazon-Like Fulfillment for Leading Sellers

Deliverr lets you easily fulfill your marketplace and shopping cart orders. Delight your buyers with fast, predictable and affordable fulfillment.

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Access to Prime-like badging on eBay and Walmart

Activate your items on eBay Guaranteed Delivery and Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, helping improve visibility on your listings and drive sales.

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Getting Started is a Breeze

  • 1 Create an account estimated time: 2 min

    Connect your listing tool or shopping cart in just a few clicks, then explore our cost previews for each of your items.

  • 2 Send us your inventory estimated time: 3-7 days

    Let us know what items you’d like to send and we’ll tell you where to ship it. You can even use our discounted shipping rates!

  • 3 Start Shipping estimated time: 5 min

    Once we receive your inventory, we will sync with your sales channels so that orders automatically start flowing in.

The Deliverr Advantage

  • Clear, Affordable Pricing

    All-inclusive, Amazon-like pricing with no large contracts or hidden fees, so you know your costs day 1. See pricing for your products today.

  • Access to Fast Shipping Tags

    Gain access to fast shipping tags like eBay Guaranteed Delivery by offering 2 and 3 day shipping to your buyers at affordable rates.

  • Hassle-Free Experience

    Create an account in under 2 minutes, connect any sales channel, and enjoy complete automation as Deliverr syncs with your channels.

  • Leading Sellers Love Deliverr

    • “Deliverr’s performance has been excellent in both fulfillment and support…the integration was a breeze and the tailored support we received has made it very doable even during the busiest time of the year.”

      Tyler Coopman

      Marketplace Expansion Lead
    • “Of all the multi-channel fulfillment options I’ve evaluated or tested, Deliverr leads by a wide margin in the areas that matter – Fastest, Cheapest, Simplest.”

      Ross Baker

      eCommerce Consultant
    • “Selling on multiple marketplaces can be a logistical nightmare. Deliverr’s quick and accurate fulfillment services simplified this process so we can focus on other important aspects of growing our business.”

      Garett DeLuca

      Vice President

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