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Deliverr boosts funding to $30M to empower online merchants with Prime-like fulfillment

Deliverr was founded with the mission to empower merchants of any size with Prime-like delivery. We’ve been hard at work over the past few months and have some exciting news to share.

Since launching in 2018, we’ve been growing rapidly – we now ship thousands of orders every day and support partnerships with some of the largest marketplaces in the world. Our team has been growing too – we now have three offices across North America and top talent from companies like Uber, Google and Yelp.

Announcing new funding from GLP

To help us achieve our mission of empowering merchants with fast and cost-effective fulfillment, we’re excited to announce our Series B led by GLP, a leading global investment manager specializing in logistics and related technologies with a real estate portfolio spanning 810 million square feet. This brings our total amount raised to $30M.

Deliverr will use the capital to:

  • Scale our team and operations across North America
  • Launch new fast shipping programs across major sales channels
  • Build out more core features to continue to delight merchants

Read more about this in The Wall Street Journal.

Introducing a 2-day delivery program for merchants’ own websites

Today not only marks the announcement of new financing, but also a new Deliverr program that we believe will fundamentally change the landscape of eCommerce.

As a trusted partner to some of the largest online marketplaces in the world, we’ve been fine tuning our fulfillment network to provide an unparalleled 2-day delivery experience.

Today, we’re putting the power of our fulfillment into the hands of any merchant to leverage for their own website, launching a 2-day delivery program for Shopify stores.

Why did we launch this?

Your website is an opportunity to tell your brand’s story. It gives you a channel to communicate directly with your customers, incentivize new product adoption, and drive repeat purchases. It’s no wonder this is top of mind for leading merchants – we asked more than 500 Amazon sellers what their top priorities were in the coming year, and this was at the top of the list:

However, we noticed that for merchants’ own websites, there wasn’t an easy solution to fulfill orders like on popular marketplaces. To solve this we decided to begin by building a 2-day delivery program for one of the most commonly used eCommerce platforms: Shopify. 

We looked into some of the most popular fast shipping programs in the world today, combining their best features to build a program that will transform your site experience.  

What are the benefits?

1) Conversion optimized badging

Behind every fast shipping program is a badge that indicates a promise of service. Shipping speed is one of the key drivers behind making a purchase, and site visitors should be constantly reminded they won’t find faster delivery anywhere else.

Our badging has been rigorously tested and optimized to drive more conversions, with some merchants exceeding a 30% lift in sales.

Deliverr sellers can display our 2-day badges across the entire shopping funnel, from the time a buyer views the homepage to the moment they check out.

We also display a countdown timer on each details page, specifying how much time a visitor has left to purchase in order to receive the item in 2 days or less.

Our badges are automatically shown based on your available inventory locations in Deliverr. As long as you follow our shipping plans and maintain healthy stock levels, we’ll offer 2-day delivery to 95%+ of your store visitors in the contiguous U.S.

2) Backed by the reliability of Deliverr

As a partner to some of the world’s largest online marketplaces, we’re held to an exceptionally high standard when it comes to shipping and delivery SLAs.

We are proud to support a 95% on-time delivery SLA for orders through this program, in line with our other fulfillment programs.

We want consumers to feel confident purchasing from your brand, so we’ve gone the extra mile to provide your buyers a $5 credit (financed by Deliverr) if an order doesn’t arrive on time.

3) Built for your brand

We know that everyone has a different brand story to tell, so we’ve provided the tools to make our badge your own, including a developer guide that outlines how to customize badging to fit seamlessly with your brand and styling.

4) Simple, affordable pricing

We’ve taken the simple pricing model that Deliverr sellers love and brought it to our Shopify program. Regardless of where an item is shipping to, you’ll pay just one flat rate for nationwide 2-day delivery.

With Deliverr’s scale and data intelligence, free 2-day delivery is finally affordable for merchants of all sizes. See pricing for your items here, under our “Shopify 2-Day” service, and enjoy some of the best 2-day rates in the market today.

Where to next?

Introducing NextDay delivery

With eCommerce moving towards next-day and eventually same-day delivery, the barriers to buying an item online vs. a physical store blur. Both Amazon and Walmart have been at the forefront of this movement, announcing their 1-day delivery programs this year.

We’ve been working to expand the reach of our fulfillment network, and are excited to announce that we will be supporting NextDay delivery in select areas for this program. Buyers who live in a NextDay eligible area will receive a special NextDay delivery badge.

This will be at no extra cost to merchants and you will only be charged the regular Shopify 2-Day rate. We will continue to expand our NextDay delivery coverage over the coming months so that you can offer an unparalleled fulfillment experience to your buyers.

Expanding to other eCommerce platforms

Shopify is just the beginning – if you use another eCommerce platform for your website, don’t worry! We’re planning to expand this program to all major eCommerce platforms and will keep you posted with timelines.

We’re so excited to share these updates with the Deliverr community and have been thrilled to watch our merchants grow with us along this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting Deliverr updates to come.

As always, happy selling!

Michael Krakaris
Co-Founder, Deliverr

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