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Pregmate’s orders grew more than 280% by following this simple eCommerce hack

An opportunity cost, or the cost of “missing out”, may be the most expensive mistake your business is currently making. 

Take Pregmate, a pregnancy and ovulation strip maker, which sold on both Amazon and Walmart, using Amazon FBA and Deliverr to fulfill each sales channel, respectively. The company had shown around 100% growth each year since 2017.

The vendor didn’t face a lack of buyer interest, or dipping sales. But by selling primarily only on major marketplaces, Pregmate paid a hefty opportunity cost until it followed Deliverr’s “Commerce Graph”. 

Then, the company activated its opportunity and saw its orders skyrocket more than 280%.

Timeline of Pregmate’s growth

 After partnering with Deliverr, Pregmate employed Google Shopping Ads and Shopify into its strategy playbook using this graph, and never turned back. Follow along the pregnancy strip vendor’s explosive growth trajectory: 

  • Before October 2019: 300-400 orders a month 
  • November 2019: 50 orders per day, and 1,000 per month on Shopify alone
  • Today: 6,000 orders monthly on Shopify and Walmart

Since then, the company’s orders in total have spiked over 280% from summer 2019 until now. Not only did their conversions increase, but they also eliminated their marketplace fees in the process. 

What is the Commerce Graph?

Pregmate followed the Deliverr secret using what we call the “Commerce Graph”, a chart laying out everything from the start of a buyer’s journey to final fulfillment. 

The most important part of this chart reveals where the most buyers are discovering your products, based on the sales channels on which you already sell. Targeting the correct buyers can be the difference between scoring an edge against competitors, or completely losing out on potential sales. 

More than ever, consumers are browsing for products online, which route to different sales channels. Deliverr worked with Pregmate to find its biggest discovery channels and convert them into fulfilled orders with fast shipping badges. 

How do I apply the secret of the “Commerce Graph” to my OWN business? 

Like Pregmate, you can also build your strategy around discovery channels, and find out how to optimize this connection to sales channels to skyrocket sales.

Find out what Pregmate’s secret is  at Discoverr, our virtual gathering where you’ll get Walmart, Google, Shopify secrets, and apply this to your own business. You won’t find it anywhere else online. 

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