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How Deliverr seller Redfox Retail achieved a 300% sales boost in a week

On Walmart, Redfox Retail specializes in dental care products. Originally fulfilling in-house, they recently activated 2-day shipping for most of their listings by fulfilling with Deliverr.

We spoke with Robert Kedzior of Redfox Retail to see how fast shipping tags have affected his Walmart sales.

Hassle-free fast shipping

“I am happy I decided to have Deliverr become an essential part of my business.” – Robert Kedzior

Even before activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, Redfox Retail was getting consistently steady sales, and wanted help fulfilling orders. Robert was attracted to Deliverr for “time and convenience.”

With Deliverr, Redfox was able to get pre-approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping as well as offload their fulfillment, allowing them to focus on finding more great products and makers.

From good to 300% better

After activating Walmart 2-day shipping, Redfox saw a substantial increase in conversions.

“Within in a week of activation our sales had increased by over 300%.” -Robert Kedzior

There are numerous factors that contribute to this. With fast shipping tags, particularly on Walmart, sellers get the benefit of…

  • Highlighted green “2-day shipping” tags on their listings, increasing visibility.
  • Increased conversions with the promise of quick and easy delivery.
  • Buy box prominence. A number of factors that go into winning the Walmart buy box, and fulfillment speed is a crucial one.
  • Higher placements in search when shoppers filter for fast shipping. More on that below.

Prominence in search

Today, when you search for “electric toothbrush replacement heads,” they have 2 listings in the top row after any featured products.

The Walmart website automatically prefers listings with fast shipping tags, even when shoppers don’t filter for it.

As marketplaces shift towards customer experience versus low price, we expect this trend to become even more prominent. Whereas price wars don’t benefit sellers or marketplaces, fast and reliable shipping improves the customer experience, encourages repeat shoppers, and protects your margins.

The Deliverr experience

“As a business owner, the hardest thing for me is to give up control and allow someone else to help. I feel with Deliverr they have gained my complete trust and we have created a wonderful partnership.” – Robert Kedzior

As they plan to expand, the Deliverr team plans to be right there supporting their fulfillment process.

“My favorite part of working with Deliverr is the communication with the staff. Everyone I have been in contact with has helped me with any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. The staff works around the clock to provide support, which allows me to feel at ease.” – Robert Kedzior

Redfox Retail uses our GeekSeller integration.

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