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How Select Tech achieved 3X monthly growth and inventory efficiency

In this case study, we look at a Deliverr merchant who entrusted Deliverr for all of their inventory and fulfillment across Walmart, Amazon, and eBay marketplaces. As a result, they saw the benefits from this inventory efficiency in a big way.

Meet Select Tech

Select Tech is a leading eCommerce source for electronic accessories. Providing tablet, cell phone, smartwatch and laptop related products. With shops across Amazon and eBay, and a strong Walmart presence, it’s clear their products are in demand.

We spoke with David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech owner, to learn about his experience.

From fulfilling 1,000 orders/day to improving product lines

Before Deliverr, all Select Tech fulfillment was completed in-house by one employee. At times, they would need to fulfill more than 1,000 orders per day. Dave realized that time spent fulfilling orders could instead be used scaling their business or providing top customer service.

Initially, David was attracted to Deliverr in pursuit of “The ability to use both my time and space to scale my business product lines without using that time instead to fulfill orders.”

Getting that time back has allowed him to improve listings, add and create new product lines, and respond to customer issues more quickly.

The necessity of speed

“The current marketplace expectations keep rising for delivery speed. Buyers expect their orders to arrive in 2-3 days time. With Deliverr fulfilling our orders, we can meet these expectations.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

After making the shift to Deliverr for fulfillment, David selected a few SKUs for eBay to test the platform.

“A week later, after first evaluating the processed orders and delivery speeds, I realized how beneficial this will be for us to scale our business.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Being able to match any competitors’ expected delivery dates nationwide gives them a competitive edge over merchants using one warehouse to ship cross country.

“Buyers were receiving their order in 1-3 days time anywhere in the country. To put this in perspective, shipping from our own NJ-based location, our orders would arrive in 2-5 days anywhere in the country.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Since then, Select Tech went on to activate fast shipping tags across eBay, Walmart, and Amazon.

3X month-to-month growth

Before activating fast shipping tags, Select Tech sales “have always been incrementally increasing at a steady pace for our business, which runs around 5-10% month over month.”

After switching to fast tags on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart…

“Our sales have increased 30% month over month. Our products are more noticeable in search including search filters for 2-day delivery speeds.”  – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

That’s at least a triple in monthly growth, from 10% to 30%!

Unifying fulfillment across Amazon, Walmart, and eBay

Initially, Select Tech used FBA to get on Amazon Prime. However, this program doesn’t qualify sellers for fast shipping programs like eBay Fast n Free Guarantee, or Walmart 2-day delivery. So, they switched over to Deliverr, which supports Seller Fulfilled Prime, and utilized one service across all marketplaces.

“The ability to process orders from one inventory source across all platforms made this an easy decision.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Being able to use one fulfillment company across marketplaces has also streamlined their business processes. In addition to better organization, it also removed overheads like warehousing, manpower, and training.

“We can use Deliverr warehouses to store and process orders without the need to lease our own warehouse, as well as hire, train, and retain employees. This allows us to use our capital to instead accelerate growth within our business.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Today, Select Tech can invest their time and money into growing their business, not their fulfillment network.

“We can now ship inventory directly from our manufacturers straight to Deliverr warehouses avoiding the cost and labor of receiving, then sending back out to the warehouses or FBA. Again saving us time, space, and money.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

The value of visibility

In addition to fast shipping tags, Select Tech also uses programs like Sponsored Products across their sales channels, in order to boost their listing visibility.

“Visibility is the key to a successful eCommerce business. Having a sponsored ad increases that visibility and helps pull your organic listing up search in the process.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Since they fulfill with Deliverr and have the Walmart 2-day tag, they were also able to get pre-approved access to Walmart Sponsored Products, so they could hit the ground running.

The Deliverr experience

When asked about what he likes about working with Deliverr, David pointed out the “clear and concise flow of the platform.”

“[Deliverr makes] it easy to locate orders, view inventory levels, and create inbound shipments at discount rates. Customer service is easy to contact, and responds same day.” – David Dibartolomeo, Select Tech

Select Tech uses our SellerActive integration.

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