4 Helpful SEO Automations to Grow your eCommerce Business

As an eCommerce enterprise, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is critical to the success of your business. When your entire store is online, your company’s website is its main source of income. But what’s the point of having a website if people aren’t finding it? 

SEO can be challenging and time-consuming, however, some applications help you step up your SEO game without the time and energy these tasks would usually require. Let’s jump right into the SEO automations that will help bring you more shoppers and generate more conversions (plus learn more about marketing and SEO along the way).

Automation in SEO: How does it work?

There are only certain aspects of SEO that you can automate. For example, to generate compelling, consumer-driven SEO content, you’ll need to pay an expert to do it (or figure out how to do it yourself). But given how much effort ranking for SEO takes, it’s worth automating the process when we can. Here are a few of the aspects of SEO that you can automate:

  • Site Monitoring: Site monitoring provides data about how your website is performing and how to improve it. For example, you’ll gain knowledge about your site’s broken links, page load time, site uptime, website traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, click-through rate, and many other metrics. You can then use this data to improve your SEO ranking. 
  • Rank Tracking: It’s challenging to understand your SEO ranking unless you have a tool to help, especially if your website has a lot of pages. You may be able to calculate your SEO ranking now, but the workload will grow as your site grows.
  • Backlink Analysis: Quality backlinks (trustworthy websites linking to your content) is essential to improve your SEO ranking. The process of tracking and analyzing your backlink data can be automated.
  • Competitor Monitoring: When you’re aiming to have a high SEO ranking, you’re competing with the rest of the businesses that are looking to do the same. Automate the process of monitoring your competitors and you will have the data to continue to improve your site’s SEO ranking.

4 SEO Automations to Grow your eCommerce Business

Let’s dive into a few tools that work with these SEO automations that will help you grow your eCommerce store, leaving you time to work on your other responsibilities. 

1. SEMrush: Shape your SEO Strategy 

SEMrush knows your pain point: there are simply too many SEO tasks to complete, and not enough hours in the day to do them all. This SEO automation steps in to make your life easier by: 

  • Identifying conversion-boosting keywords 
  • Optimizing your website pages
  • Tracking SEO rank
  • Monitoring your website health 

image via SEMRush

You also benefit from the ideas that this automation offers. For example, it generates ideas in the following categories:

  • Strategy
  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO
  • SERP features
  • Semantic ideas

It might sound too good to be true, but SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO toolkit with over 50 tools available. If you’re looking for an application that can do a variety of SEO tasks for you, look no further than SEMrush!

2. SERPWoo: Track Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Analysis

If you’re focusing on improving your SEO ranking, then a key aspect of your research should include the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The SERP is the page that you see in Google when you search a specific term.

The SERP is important because when you have a keyword you want to target, you need to know what pages are ranking the highest. Analyze your competition so that you can do better and outperform them. 

image via SERPWoo

SERPWoo is a tool for eCommerce stores that focuses on the SERP aspect of SEO. This tool allows you to track the top 20 search results for your keyword. You also get valuable information about the websites, for example: 

  • Page link authority 
  • Domain link popularity
  • Social shares
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Domain monitoring within the top 100 in SERP
  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Reporting

When it comes to SEO ranking, SERP is a key factor to analyze. SERPWoo is an excellent tool to invest in when it comes to improving your eCommerce store’s SEO game!

3. Screaming Frog: Find Your Problems

It’s no secret that if you make SEO mistakes, your ranking suffers, and fewer people discover your store on the SERP. Screaming Frog is an application that will help you find all the aspects of your website that are holding you back from reaching SEO success.

Screaming Frog crawls your website to track data on common SEO mistakes. After you learn what errors are on your website, you can correct them and improve your SEO ranking.

For example, some super valuable tools include: 

  • Finding broken links
  • Discovering duplicate content 
  • Analyzing page title and metadata for SEO optimization

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the tools that Screaming Frog offers:

4. SE Ranking: All-in-one SEO Software for eCommerce Stores 

SE Ranking is another application for eCommerce stores that offers an all-in-one, everything-you-need toolbox. 

For example, SE Ranking offers the following tools: 

  • Keyword research
  • Monitoring rankings
  • Website Analysis
  • Backlink monitoring

When you use SE Ranking, you’ll easily collect data on:

  • Technical errors
  • Meta tags and headers 
  • Images
  • Website load speed
  • Internal links 

Here are more capabilities of SE Ranking:

Using the tools and analyzing the data that SE Ranking offers, you can move forward in your eCommerce SEO plans with confidence.

In Short: eCommerce SEO Automations Help You Save Time While Improving Your Site

When it comes down to it, managing an eCommerce store isn’t easy, and neither is executing an SEO strategy. 

SEO automation can make your life so much easier, and also save you so much time. In other words: Amplify your SEO performance, minimize your effort, and focus on other aspects of your business that need your specialized attention to help get your store ahead of the competition.

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