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5 Examples of Effective Abandoned Cart Emails

This is a guest post from Michael Folling. Michael is the founder of Limitless Designs and author of 101 eCommerce Tips. He enjoys building brands and writing about eCommerce. Follow him on Twitter to chat about eCommerce.

Does your eCommerce website’s conversion rate make you depressed?

Unless you’re Amazon and have the resources to hire teams that focus entirely on increasing conversions, then you’re probably like most other eCommerce entrepreneurs who aren’t converting most of their website’s traffic into customers.

Fortunately, there’s a simple trick you can do to bring back some of your most valuable visitors; shoppers who add products to their cart but don’t complete their purchase.

By sending emails to shoppers who abandon their shopping cart, you can start increasing your conversion rate practically overnight. And the best part is once you set it up, it practically runs on auto-pilot.

In this post, I’m going to discuss what abandoned cart emails are, why they’re important, and I’ll even share 5 examples of eCommerce brands who are sending effective abandoned cart emails to website visitors that don’t convert.

So if you want inspiration for your next great email marketing campaign, keep reading to get started!

What are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are automated email campaigns that send to your website visitors if they started your eCommerce website’s checkout process but didn’t finish.

For example, if one of your potential customers visits your website, adds a product to the shopping cart, and starts the checkout process by entering their email address but leaves before processing a payment you’ll want to send them an abandoned cart email to remind them to come back and complete their order.

Keep in mind, this only works if the visitor enters their email address during checkout, since it wouldn’t be possible to send them an abandoned cart email otherwise.

eCommerce websites usually use tools like Rejoiner and Klaviyo to detect when a visitor enters their email address but doesn’t complete their purchase. The tool then automatically sends them an email after some time has passed to invite them back.

Why are abandoned cart emails important?

Abandoned cart emails, or an abandoned cart email campaign, are important because a big portion of eCommerce website visitors don’t complete their purchase for a variety of reasons.

Since it’s virtually impossible to get 100% of your website visitors to make a purchase after adding an item to their cart, it’s important to find creative ways to bring them back and complete the sale.

In addition to retargeting ads, abandoned cart emails are one of the best ways to personalize your marketing and for that reason it can result in really high conversion rates.

Examples of effective abandoned cart emails

To help you build your first cart abandonment campaign, I wanted to share with you some examples of eCommerce retailers who are doing a great job with their abandoned cart emails.

Take a look at the examples below for similar features that your business offers, or email copy that matches your brand’s voice and tone, then borrow what you like for your emails to get a head start on your campaign.

1) Dollar Shave Club

In this example from Dollar Shave Club, they do a great job of clearly communicating the features of their service.

This includes includes flexible delivery options as well as shipping that’s fast and free. They also use this email as an opportunity to remove any friction by sharing that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Photo credit: Really Good Emails

2) Huckberry

This example from Huckberry is simple, but it’s also very powerful.

It includes a picture of the item that the shopper left in their cart which acts as a great reminder in case a lot of time has passed. Most importantly it creates a sense of urgency with the language “we can’t guarantee that the products left in your cart will still be available when you decide to pull the trigger.”

To create a sense of urgency and increase conversions, consider using language about low inventory as scarcity is known to be an effective psychology trick in eCommerce.

Photo credit: Really Good Emails

3) Bonobos

This abandoned cart email from Bonobos is great because it calls out one reason why many people abandon their shopping carts… the checkout process is too confusing. One study found that 26% of online shoppers abandon their cart because of a complicated checkout process.

In this email Bonobos does a great job of proactively offering help while making it as simple as hitting reply to start a conversation with a Bonobos customer service “ninja.”

To reduce friction for your customers, consider offering live chat support or make sure that all replies to your abandoned cart emails go directly to your customer service team.

Photo credit: Really Good Emails

4) Adidas

This is a great example of an abandoned cart email from Adidas. In it you’ll notice a couple of things they do well.

First, they do a great job of making the email fun by adding some humor with the line “Is your wi-fi okay?”

Second, the email includes actual reviews from their customers, which is powerful social proof, known to increase conversions.

Photo credit: Really Good Emails

5) Bonobos

Here’s another great example from Bonobos. Since a certain percentage of people who abandoned their cart didn’t just get distracted or confused, Bonobos offers them a discount to complete their purchase.

This is tactic is great because it covers the scenario where someone is shopping around for a lower priced item elsewhere, or they just wanted to think about the purchase some more before making a decision.

By offering 20% off, Bonobos removes some friction to make it easier for them to make up their mind and finish what they started.

Photo credit: Really Good Emails


As an eCommerce seller, the abandoned cart email might be your most effective tool for increasing conversions.

When creating an abandoned cart email campaign it’s important to do your research. For example, there are a lot of great resources out there that will help you spy on your competition so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

A tool like MailCharts has a giant database of emails, as well as email journeys from popular eCommerce brands so you can see what works for each of them.

Whether you create an abandoned cart email campaign from scratch or get inspiration elsewhere, make sure to take advantage of this type of campaign immediately so you can start seeing the benefits for your business!

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