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How and when to file a lost order claim during peak season 2022

Updated November 15, 2022

From late November to early January, parcel carriers handle an increased volume of packages. In fact, USPS alone is expected to process 60 million packages each day during the 2022 holiday season. The reality is that the more packages there are to process, the higher the chance of lost orders which can affect your customer experience and overall sales.

At Deliverr, we work hard to ensure proper action is taken when orders become lost in transit. For that reason, we wanted to provide an update to our order claims policy for these instances during peak season.

What to do if you see order tracking with a ‘pending’ or ‘pre-shipment’ status

Starting November 15, 2022 until January 15, 2023, you can file a lost order claim in your Seller Portal account after 12 calendar days of shipping status inactivity (typically 7 calendar days outside of peak).

You have up to 30 days after a promised delivery date is missed to submit claims for orders lost in transit.

How to file a claim for an order lost in transit

Note: Before you begin filing a claim, gather proof (such as a copy of email communication) of a customer notifying you about order delivery failure. You will need to submit this documentation with your claim.

1. In your Seller Portal account, navigate to ‘orders’ and click the affected order number to view the order details page.

2. Click the ‘Submit Lost Claim’ button under the message stating your package may be lost (this will appear after five business days past the promised delivery date).

Seller Portal visual of a potential lost package and how to submit a claim.

3. Fill in the claim details:

a. Select ‘order with no tracking movement’ from the drop down.
b. Provide the total wholesale cost of affected item(s).
c. Upload a commercial invoice as proof of the wholesale cost.

Seller Portal visual of claim details page.

4. Click the ‘review claim’ button > submit the claim.

Once our team reviews and approves your submission we’ll mark the order as ‘lost in transit’ and file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. From there, we’ll issue a credit at the product’s wholesale value and refund the fulfillment fee to your account.

*Please note, policies for all other claims will remain the same during peak season.

Learn more about Deliverr’s order claims policy in our Help Center

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