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Battery fulfillment now available from Deliverr

We’ve heard your requests, and are pleased to announce Deliverr is now accepting products into our fulfillment network that contain small lithium-metal and lithium-ion batteries.

This opens up new opportunities for merchants who want to offer battery-powered products at ultra-fast speeds to boost conversions and delight their buyers.

We’re seeing the electronics category pick up speed on channels like Shopify, Walmart, Wish, and eBay. Items like wireless earbuds are all on the rise, and can go even further with fast delivery.

Deliverr is accepting items with batteries starting March 30th, 2021. We’re offering 2 months of this service with no additional charge to help merchants get started. Starting June 1st, 2021 there will be a $0.11 surcharge per item containing batteries.

Bonus: any merchant that has a battery-powered product approved for the Deliverr network by midnight on April 29th will receive up to $2500 in credit towards the cost of inbounding those battery-powered products!

Requirements for battery fulfillment by Deliverr

In order to send items with batteries in for Deliverr to fulfill:

  1. Your items must meet certain criteria, which we will cover below.
  2. The required documents must be approved by Deliverr prior to inbounds. These documents include MSDS and UN Test Summary Documents.
  3. Get your product approved from the product page before inbounding.
  4. Products must be flagged in your Deliverr portal as hazardous before inbounding.

Inbounding battery products without providing these requirements will result in a $0.50 per unit noncompliance penalty.

Note: You cannot use Deliverr’s Ship to One Warehouse program for items containing batteries.

Product Requirements

  • The battery is installed in the device and falls under one of the following categories:
    • UN 3481, PI966 Section II, Lithium Ion Batteries / Cells
      • Cells equal to or less than 20Wh; Batteries equal to or less than 100Wh
    • UN 3091, PI969 Section II, Lithium Metal Batteries / Cells
      • Cells equal to or less than 1g; Batteries equal to or less than 2g
  • The product can be shipped by air
  • The product can be stored at room temperature
  • The product does not require special handling equipment
  • The MSDS has not expired
  • The wholesale value of your product can not exceed $300

Documentation Requirements

Products that fall under the approved UN categories will require the most up to date MSDS and UN Test Summary Documents be uploaded into the Deliverr Portal for approval prior to the product being inbounded to Deliverr (continue reading this article for instructions to upload these documents).

Products containing batteries (or any hazardous products) that arrive at Deliverr fulfillment centers without prior approval will be considered non-compliant, will be returned to you at your cost (potentially disposed of), and the related restricted item non-compliant fees will apply.

Inbound Packaging & Label Requirements

Products must be completely enclosed in inner packaging then placed in a strong rigid outer packaging. The products must be secured against any movement within the outer packaging and must be equipped with an effective means of preventing accidental activation.

The required lithium battery labels are required on the outside packaging of all inbounds containing products with batteries.

All inbound shipments must be in accordance with ICAO/IATA, as well as with applicable conditions and limitations of 49 CFR.

How to flag a product as hazardous and uploading and documentation

You must also flag your product as hazardous in the Deliverr Seller Portal. Here’s how to do that.

Navigate to the Inventory page in the Deliverr Seller Portal. Use the search bar to search for the hazardous product and click the title of the product to be directed to the product details page:

In the middle of the page, you’ll see a panel called “Batteries”. Click the toggle in this panel to flag the product as containing a battery. When the button turns green, you’ll see a drop down menu:

Use the drop down menu to select the UN Number associated with the product – Deliverr is only accepting products that fall under UN 3481 and UN 3091. Once you’ve selected a UN Number from the drop down menu, you’ll be able to click the “Upload Docs” Button:

When you click the “Upload Docs” button you’ll see a pop up screen labeled “List of supporting documents”. Click the “Upload MSDS Document” button to upload your MSDS document. Then, click the “Upload UN Test Summary” button to upload your Test Summary Document:

If you upload one document, but do not upload the other document (e.g. the MSDS Document has been uploaded but the UN Test Summary document has not been uploaded), the status will read “Pending” and the top banner will state which document needs to be uploaded before the documents will be sent for review:

Once you’ve uploaded both the MSDS and UN Test Summary documents, you’ll see that there is a “Pending” status on the product. The product will stay in this state until a member of the Deliverr team reviews the documents and either approves or rejects the product. You should expect this status to update within 1 business day of uploading your documents.

If your product is not approved to be inbounded, the status will read “Rejected”. You’ll see a reason code for the rejection in the top banner of the product details page.

If you accidentally uploaded the incorrect documentation, you can re-upload a document by clicking the “View Docs” button, then clicking the “upload” icon. If you upload new documents the status will read pending and the documents will go through the approval process again.

If your product was rejected and you believe there has been a mistake, please contact the Deliverr support team.

For information, please reference our Help Center article.

If your product is approved, the status will read “Approved” — Now you’re ready to create an inbound!

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