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How to deliver the best buyer experience on Amazon

With more monthly unique visitors than the entire population of Japan, Amazon is the must-have sales channel for anyone selling online. However, with millions of monthly visitors comes millions of marketplace sellers, making the bid for buyers incredibly competitive.

Luckily, competitive doesn’t have to mean impossible. By putting the customer first through an exceptional buyer experience, you can attract, sell to, and retain Amazon customers, and we’ve got the top tips on how to do just that.

The importance of buyer experience

Amazon has made it incredibly easy to sell online, which has also made it incredibly easy to sell online without first thinking about how to deliver the best buyer experience. Why is this important?

Competing with the in-store experience

First, you’re competing with brick and mortar stores, where everything from the layout and visual presentation to the smells and sounds are a part of the experience- touching and feeling the product creates an unforgettable experience that is difficult to match online.

To win customers, you need to exceed this while overcoming the barrier of customers not being able to handle your products before purchase.

Competing with the online experience

Next, you’re competing with other Amazon sellers – including Amazon itself. The sheer volume of online sellers makes Amazon a buyer’s platform; if your buying experience isn’t compelling, customers will simply find another seller who can provide a better one.

Only when your buyer experience exceeds those of other in-store and online retailers will you begin winning sales and increasing profits, getting repeat purchases and reviews, growing your customer reach and maximizing customer lifetime value.

How to improve the buyer experience on Amazon

Improving your buyers’ experience on Amazon requires perfecting each stage of the customer journey so that it’s easy, helpful, and almost automatic to buy from you. Here’s what to start with.

Make yourself easy to find

Online shoppers want to be able to find the right product fast, which means that your listing should appear high up in relevant search queries and not at all in irrelevant search queries. This requires you to optimize your Amazon listings by:

  • Having accurate and relevant product titles and descriptions, using necessary keywords;
  • Winning the buy box by offering fast shipping and maintaining positive customer reviews; and
  • Appearing in filtered search results by using Amazon’s hidden keywords and offering fast shipping options.

Offer fast and free delivery

Fast shipping and free delivery are the biggest purchase drivers because they make buying online feel easy and affordable, and they help customers feel valued.

This is achievable for online sellers of any size by:

  • Using order management software to automatically send orders to your warehouse, regardless of sales channel;
  • Adopting all-inclusive pricing to offset the delivery fee;
  • Outsourcing fulfillment to a partner that can support Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Get on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a favorite with more than 100 million Amazon customers – offering free and fast delivery alongside free media, exclusive sales, groceries, and more (all of which substantially improve the buyer experience).

Become eligible for the service either through:

  • Outsourcing control and fulfillment of your deliveries to Fulfillment by Amazon; or
  • Applying for Seller Fulfilled Prime and maintaining the service level standards.

Once you are Prime eligible, you’ll receive benefits including the blue Prime badge and inclusion in any Prime-filtered search results.

Keep items in stock

Out-of-stock items ruin the shopping experience because customers can’t buy what they want from you, pushing them to check out your competitors. Even more damaging to the buyer experience (and your customer review rating) is being sold an item that appears in stock, only to be later told it’s actually out of stock. Ensure that you never sell out or oversell by synchronizing your inventory across your Amazon account, other sales channels, warehouse and fulfillment provider.

Maintain customer reviews

Customer reviews make it easier for customers to buy from you by giving them a communal thumbs up about the purchase they’re thinking of making and pushing them over the checkout line. In addition, customer reviews also improve the customer’s journey by:

  • Making your customers feel valued by directly asking them about their experience; and
  • Providing valuable insights and areas to improve upon that the seller can act on.

Selling on other sales channels

While 41% of online shoppers start their shopping journey on Amazon, they don’t necessarily want it to end there. Personal preferences, coupons, and competitor research are just some of the reasons why buyers will head to other sales channels.

Extend your buyer experience and your business to these sales channels by using multi-channel listing software and a multi-channel fulfillment provider who can replicate and guarantee fast shipping regardless of sales channel or order volume.

Delivering the best buying experience on Amazon – final thoughts

So there you go – there are plenty of achievable ways to improve your buying experience on Amazon, winning customers, repeat purchases, and positive reviews as a result.

The biggest challenge of improving your buying experience is being able to cope with the results, specifically:

  • Ensuring that you can handle an increase in orders;
  • Ensuring that you can handle an increase in deliveries; and
  • Ensuring that you can maintain an outstanding buying experience – no matter how busy you are.

With the right mindset, software, and partners, you can achieve anything.

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