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Best eCommerce rating and reviews software

In 1995, Amazon introduced consumer reviews on its website, a move that was largely viewed as brand suicide at the time. Instead, eCommerce rating and reviews enabled Amazon to build a shopping empire based on brand experience, consumers’ trust, and social proof.

Today, consumers are increasingly seeking out others’ experience with your brands. They spend time on YouTube watching product reviews, and searching for “best” lists. Reviews have helped bridge what was once mistrust of online shopping.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find an eCommerce website without reviews, and for good reason – they actively drive sales and conversion, even when they’re negative.

If you’re selling online, curating and managing your reviews to increase quantity and quality is an important marketing tactic across all marketplaces.

How to get more reviews

Many customers are open to providing feedback after being prompted through email or after purchase, which means you can actively work to increase the number of user reviews on your products.

  • Engaging with customers will help improve relationships
  • Building reviews helps you drive conversions
  • Responding to negative reviews builds trust
  • Solving customer problems earns positive reviews


Optimize your customer experience for better reviews


However, as your store grows, tracking and responding to reviews across platforms can get complicated, and things can slip through the cracks.

eCommerce rating and reviews software can keep you organized by allowing you to manage reviews from across marketplaces in one place.

What is a good eCommerce review tool?

A good eCommerce review management tool should;

  • Allow you to manage reviews across eCommerce marketplaces
  • Be able to filter messages and reviews by type
  • Help you request user reviews via email
  • Support message scheduling

Here are 8 options we’ve found that can help you manage your reviews.

8 awesome eCommerce rating and reviews software


Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform offering strong eCommerce review software tools. The tool integrates into own-websites such as shopify as well as Facebook and Google, but does not integrate into Amazon or eBay, making it a best fit if you already have a large following for your brand and want to build on that.

Yotpo also offers direct eCommerce review integration tools to help you request and share reviews through one platform. This eCommerce review platform also offers social media support and sharing, and enables you to request reviews across social platforms.

Yotpo offers a free plan for up to 50 monthly orders and has a custom pricing plan once your orders exceed that limit.

Feedback Express

Feedback Express is an Amazon review tool, allowing you to request feedback on your Amazon stores. Feedback Express primarily focuses on emailing and requesting product reviews, which can be automatically triggered by events such as receiving the product, leaving a positive order review, or other factors. With complete control of when, why, and what is emailed to the customer (you can create specific emails and filter them to automatically share different content based on ASIN, product category, shipping location, item condition, or other factors), Feedback Express makes it easy to automate review requests.

At $20 per month for up to 1,000 emails, Feedback Express does not compete well with competitors like AMZFinder in terms of cost (AMZFinder also offers review management for the same price) but does offer more specific email automation tools.


AMZFinder integrates Amazon feedback requests and review management. The software integrates into your Amazon store, allowing you to automatically request reviews via email after a purchase. The platform also tracks reviews and works to connect online reviews to specific customer orders, giving you more control over responding to negative reviews, because you can decide whom to contact and why.

With rates starting from $19 per month for up to 2,000 email requests, AMZFinder is highly suitable platform for small eCommerce sellers as well as larger stores. Plus, with both review management and requests, it’s a complete solution for most.


BazaarVoice is one of the older and most well-established digital marketing companies focusing on customer reviews and customer-generated content. The platform centers around customer reviews on marketplaces, with support for customer questions, ratings, and curated social content with a full suite of data analytics and management tools. Like Yotpo, BazaarVoice is primarily aimed at eCommerce sellers with their own sites including Shopify because the platform is designed to enable customers to leave a review through an email request or reminder.

However, with integration into most social media, most eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, and others) as well as its own CRM, BazaarVoice has a lot to offer. BazaarVoice also offers one of the most complete solutions of its kind, with support for content curation, sampling, advertising, and branding on one platform. BazaarVoice offers custom pricing for eCommerce sellers, with plans split into Starter (1 retailer), Professional, and Enterprise. BazaarVoice also supports third-party retailers through BrandEdge, allowing you to push own reviews directly to retail channels.


Bqool offers two eCommerce review tools including Product Review Management and Amazon Feedback Software to request feedback from Amazon customers. Both tools offer free and premium options. Amazon Review Software starts from $25 per month for up to 250 listings, with the ability to collect reviews, view data and analytics, manage order IDs associated with each review, and set up email alerts when negative reviews come in. Bqool’s Product Review Management starts at $10 per month for up to 500 emails, with features including review request, feedback request, email alerts, VAT invoice generators, and management tools.

Bqool makes it easy to choose the exact tools you want or need, which does mean you can pick specific solutions if you already have something to request feedback or manage reviews. However, if you need both services together, you will pay more separately at Bqool than with a single software solution elsewhere.

Feedback Five

Feedback Five offers eCommerce review management and feedback request software, with free-to-premium plans. The free plan supports up to 50 emails per month and 2 ASINs, with paid plans starting from $9.99 per month for 250 emails for feedback management. Their Product Review management software allows you to track feedback and match it to orders, with up to 10 ASINs included in the free plan, and premium plans starting from $9.99 for 50 ASINs.

Like other solutions, Feedback Five focuses on, allowing you to connect ASINs, track product orders for easier feedback management, and create targeted email campaigns based on category, store, timing, and other features.

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is an eCommerce review tool offered by Seller Labs, and one of the most popular options in its category. The tool primarily automates buyer-seller messaging, allowing you to auto-request feedback and product reviews with triggers including tracking information showing delivery. Feedback Genius also integrates review management features, with notifications and email alerts when customers leave reviews and review quality tracking to help you automate review management.

Feedback Genius offers a complete suite of tools including messaging automation, email touchpoints, feedback notifications, templates, testing, and filters to help control who sees which messages. Plus, with rates starting at free for up to 100 emails and starting from $20 per month for 1,000 emails, Feedback Genius is also one of the best priced solutions next to AMZFinder.


XSellCo offers a suite of tools for helpdesk management, repricing, and feedback management. Their feedback tools primarily focus on automated feedback requests, enabling you to send email follow-up to customers based on product delivery, certain periods after order, and other smart checkpoints.

They also provide templates and snippets to make review requests easier, seller and product review management, negative feedback management, request schedules, and feedback/analytics.

With prices starting at $39 per month for up to 5,000 feedback requests per month, XSellCo is a quality eCommerce review and management tool for mid-to-enterprise level sellers, especially those already on multi-platform sales.

How to choose right eCommerce review software

Look at:

  1. Cost vs Features provided by review softwares
  2. Single marketplace vs multi platform integration
  3. Review request automation and management
  4. Email integrations and support

Most eCommerce review software offers slightly different features, so you can and should choose solutions based on your budget, what you need, and why. In most cases, you should directly compare features (What do you need, what do you get for the price, can you use those features?), platform integration (most currently only integrate with Amazon, but it’s still important to pay attention to store support and country support), and what you get for the money. For example, Feedback Express offers a lot of specific features to control email requests while Bqool offers split functionality.

Review software automates requesting feedback and reviews as well as managing incoming feedback. With tools including email automation and templates, notifications when consumers leave reviews, ASIN tracking, connecting reviews to customer orders, and much more, eCommerce review software can greatly simplify your review management.

Managing your eCommerce store reviews can boost your sales through increased conversions and improved account health. However, it’s still important to ensure you’re seeing a return on value. Most solutions offer a free trial or test period, which you can use to determine if the review software will work for you.

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