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Prepare now for a record 2020 Black Friday weekend

According to our historical data, Q4 sales begin to pick up in early November, and in several product verticals, demand will more than double from September to the Cyber 5 weekend! This year will see significant brick and mortar volume moving online due to physical store closures and increased eCommerce adoption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this mean? As you are planning your inventory & fulfillment for Q4 holiday, you want to get as many units available for sale as possible to avoid missing out on this record year.

If you are preparing to send inventory to Deliverr or another 3PL, you should do it well in advance to ensure it is available for purchase.

Reminder for Deliverr merchants: Get your inventory stocked in time for Black Friday

Peak season is coming up, so it’s important to be aware of receiving deadlines this October and November.

  • For merchants shipping to our cross dock facilities under the Forwarding Plan, packages must arrive by October 15th at the latest to ensure items are ready for sale by Black Friday.
  • For merchants shipping directly to our final fulfillment centers under the Direct Plan, packages must arrive by November 3rd at the latest to ensure items are ready for sale by Black Friday.

Historically: 2x+ in sales

There is a known Black Friday increase in online sales, and it’s not uncommon to expect categories such as toys and video games to get a boost this holiday period, as was clearly the case in 2019.

However, these opportunities extend even further as categories like jewelry and home improvement. For example, here’s what we saw from those categories in 2019.

You may be surprised that electronics and clothing aren’t included in some of the more prominent lifts we’ve seen, but that is due to the breadth of these categories. Many electronic categories like GPS or printing do not see much of a bump, but we saw large holiday spikes in cameras and camcorders, as well as audio subcategories.

Similarly, in clothing we see men and women’s clothing trending strongly through the season while others, such as shoes and kids clothing, remains more flat.

These examples demonstrate that the Black Friday opportunity extends to a wide range of products. Talk to your Deliverr Account Manager if you want to learn more about what selection will fly this holiday weekend!

During COVID-19: Your floor has doubled

Black Friday is a great time for eCommerce in general, but COVID-19 will create an even greater impact as shoppers move online. There’s a potential for mall closures, in-store limitations, and low physical turnout.

There’s also a shift in how traditional retailers are investing more in eCommerce, and other business behavior such as Walmart taking Black Friday online this year.

To get an intuition for the potential impact of these changes attributable to COVID-19, you only need to look at the current performance of these product verticals in July 2020 (orange) vs July 2019 (blue).

Measures Average Orders per SKU on non-Amazon marketplaces (Removed due to lack of July 2020 Prime Day)

You can see demand for these verticals, which are expected to double over the next few months, are already well above normal levels. All of the data indicates an elevated eCommerce environment, which will make holiday impacts even more pronounced.

What to do with this data

Putting everything together into the big picture means that we should all expect a record-breaking Black Friday. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your inventory into Deliverr for hassle-free, multi-channel fulfillment and to ensure you capture all the sales opportunities you can.

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