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A new look for Walmart 2-day delivery tags

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Great news for all Walmart merchants fulfilling with Deliverr – just rolled out bright blue 2-day delivery tags for search results across the marketplace!

That means you can expect higher conversion rates as they stand out even more than the previous black tags.


Search results: Black

Taking a look at the previous 2-day delivery tags, they’re in black and regular font (not boldface). They blend in with the rest of the text around them.


Search results: Blue

Today, the 2-day delivery tags are boldface and bright blue, helping them stand out. Prior to the black tags, Walmart 2-day delivery tags were similar, being bright green and in bold (more on that below).

So far, we haven’t seen this change go live in other places, such as the product details page or the filter for 2-day, but that may change.

Product details page: Black

2-day delivery filter tag: Black

Previously: Green

Before Walmart NextDay and the introduction of their blue-green NextDay tags, Walmart’s 2-day delivery tags were bright green across the site in places like the search results, filter, and product pages. After NextDay was announced, these tags all turned black.

That means there’s a chance these colors will change from black to blue soon.

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