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Cart Minimums now available for merchants who want to offer fast shipping per minimum order

cart minimums

Offering fast delivery will boost your conversion rate. We’ve seen this prove true time and time again, in different categories and across various sales channels. However, it can also be an investment to offer 2-day and next-day delivery! 

Sometimes, offering fast delivery on every single item, even those with slim margins, doesn’t make sense for a business. That’s why Deliverr is proud to announce our much-awaited Cart Minimum feature, where merchants can activate fast delivery for orders that reach a certain price threshold only.

Some merchants have already seen a 35% increase in units per order! Check out this feature live and in action on Ani’s website:

Why this is important for Deliverr merchants

Increase your average cart value

Fast delivery is a great incentive for consumers to order just a little bit more to hit the required minimum. Depending on what you set your cart minimum to be, this will boost your average cart value closer to that minimum, which helps improve your ROI from offering fast delivery.

Protect your profit margin

If you have small margins on certain items, it wouldn’t make sense to reduce them even further by promising fast delivery on them — unless they are part of a larger order that justifies it. With cart minimums, you can protect your profits by only offering fast delivery once someone purchases enough to pad your margins.

Reward your fans

The consumers who are willing to purchase a large amount of your product in one transaction are some of your biggest fans. Why not reward them with a seamless and lightning fast delivery experience to keep them coming back for more? It shows your appreciation while delighting your customers and protecting your profits.

Don’t want to set a cart minimum? Give consumers the option to pay more for fast delivery

Additionally, if your customer does not meet the cart minimum that you’ve set up, we’re giving you the option to charge for fast shipping. 

This is a great option for your avid fans who don’t want to purchase a lot, but would still like to get their items as soon as possible.

How to get started

Deliverr merchants can update their cart minimums via this link. Just go into your seller portal and navigate to Fast Tags.

They can also be set up during your Shopify Fast Tag activation flow. Please note: If you’re a listing tool merchant, you’ll be able to update your cart minimum settings with this link on June 25th, 2021

To learn more about our new cart minimums feature, please click here.

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