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Deliverr Updates and Category Performance – 4/14

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Deliverr Updates

As of April 14, 2020

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Warehouse closures

Governments are considering warehousing an essential sector to the supply chain and, thus far, no states are requiring them to oblige to the mandatory shut of business.

Our Reading, PA warehouse will be closed on 4/13/20 to perform a deep cleaning. Inventory stocked in this warehouse will be unavailable for fulfillment until they re-open. The plan is for them to become operational on 4/14/20 and will be confirmed on the afternoon of 4/13/20.

What happens if a warehouse worker tests positive for COVID-19?

Depending on the location and the person’s role, the warehouse may remain open, but will disclose this information to Deliverr.

In the event a warehouse closes, it may be closed up to 48 hours for a deep cleaning; we will notify sellers if this happens.

If the warehouse remains closed longer than 48 hours, we will work to re- distribute as many of the fastest moving SKUs to another warehouse in order to make them sellable.


Deliverr is still accepting new inbounds this time for both essential and non-essential categories.


Delays with same day shipping on Standard orders. These orders will be shipped within 48 hours of order placement time. These orders will still be delivered on time.

We will continue to comply with the marketplace policies on Walmart, Wish, Amazon and eBay to ensure this does not result in any negative feedback on our merchant accounts.

2-Day and NextDay orders are not impacted.

Fast Tag Coverage

Walmart 2-day, eBay Fast ‘N Free, Wish Express, and Shopify 2-day fast tag coverage will remain the same.

Latest FBA Updates

FBA is now accepting inbounds for some non-essential categories.

FBA Prime delivery times are improving.

FBM listings can beat FBA listings on the buy box if matched on price at a faster delivery time.

Meltable inventory must be removed from FBA by May 1.

eCommerce Category Performance

Category: Toys

Toys: Games & Puzzles

Category: Food

Food: Beverages

Category: Health

Health: Vitamins & Supplements

Category: Home

Home: Kitchen & Dining

Category: Arts Crafts & Sewing

Category: Clothing

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