Deliverr updates and category performance – 7/13

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Deliverr Updates

As of July 13, 2020

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Sending inventory to Deliverr – [as of 7/10/20]:

  • Inbound SLA if sending directly to 4 warehouses = 8 business days from time of arrival at Deliverr
  • Inbound SLA if sending to one warehouse = 20 business days from time of arrival at Deliverr

Deliverr is still accepting new inbounds at this time for both essential and non-essential categories


Order shipping and delivery – [as of 7/10/20]: Standard order shipping delay.

Fast Tag Coverage

[7/14/20] – Sellers should expect 2-day fast tags to display to this percent of the US population averaged over the course of the week, based on the number of warehouses with inventory:

  • 4+ warehouses – 81%
  • 3   warehouses – 65%
  • 2   warehouses – 53%
  • 1   warehouse – 33%

This is a substantial increase in coverage from the recent weeks, based on aligning our on-time delivery targets to be closer to the rest of the Walmart system.

We are coordinating with Walmart so that the forecasted increase in late deliveries should not impact your status on the marketplace.

As we continue to manage carrier issues due to COVID-19, we are aiming to return on-time delivery to its pre-pandemic levels while maintaining high levels of fast tag coverage.

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