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How to create a store on Wish

If you caught our recent blog on What is Wish and how does it work, and now want to get your eCommerce business in front of Wish’s 300 million customers, we’re here to help.

In this 8-step guide, we’re taking you through creating a store on Wish and the best practice tips for generating serious sales on the platform. Let’s get started.

Before creating a store on Wish

Before creating a store on Wish, there are a few things to note first.

Seller requirements

To sell on Wish, you must be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer, crafter, creator, or artist, and you must have the rights to sell your products.

Wish fees

Unlike other online marketplaces, Wish doesn’t charge a monthly fee for selling on the platform. Instead, you pay a 15% revenue share each time you sell – a set percentage of the total order value, including shipping costs. This is important to keep in mind when pricing your products and shipping options.

Product requirements

The products you want to sell on Wish must not fall within Wish’s list of prohibited items. This list includes counterfeit products, virtual goods, services, and gift cards.

How to create a store on Wish

Creating a store on Wish is quick, simple, and takes just eight steps.

1. Register as a merchant

Register as a Wish merchant by entering your store name, email address, and password on the merchant sign up page.

Tip: Sign up via Deliverr’s referral link for special bonuses, such as a $100 ProductBoost ad credit when you upload 10 products, and a 5% (instead of 15%) revenue share for a limited time.

2. Complete your merchant profile

Complete your merchant profile by adding your contact information and verifying your email address.

Now is also a good time to confirm your merchant settings by heading to Account > Settings. From here, you can enable two-factor authentication, add a display picture, and amend your email preferences.

3. Connect Deliverr

To benefit from Deliverr’s partner revenue share rate of 5%, click Connect with our partners on the merchant dashboard, and follow the on-screen instructions for connecting Deliverr to your account.

4. Select a payment provider

Confirm where you want to receive your Wish payments by heading to your payment settings, via the Account tab.

Follow the on-screen instructions for selecting your payment provider, confirming your identity, and providing your provider details.

Wish merchants can accept payments through existing PayPal, Payoneer, or AllPay accounts. If you don’t already have an account, sign up before completing this step.

5. Select shipping settings

Next, select your shipping settings by clicking Account > Shipping Settings from the merchant dashboard.

On the following page, select whether you want to ship to the US only or selected countries/regions, and confirm the shipping price for each location:

  • Product shipping price – the shipping price is specified for each product individually.
  • Country shipping price – the shipping price is the standard shipping price for all non-promoted products shipped to that country/region.

Once finished, click Apply to existing non-promoted products

6. Add brand authorizations

If you’re selling branded products via Wish, you must provide proof of your authorization to do so. From the merchant dashboard, click Products > Brand Authorizations > Create New

You will need to upload the following documents:

  • Proof of intellectual property rights – this could be a trademark license, proof of patent, or copyright ownership
  • Letter of authorization to sell – this must be issued by the owner or an employee of the owner, be on company letterhead, and contain the relevant brand and recipient name
  • Proof that your supplier has authorization to resell (if applicable) – either a letter from the intellectual property owner to the supplier or a letter from the supplier confirming their authorization to resell
  • Proof of partnership with a supplier who has authorization to resell (if applicable) – this could be a recent invoice or a letter from your supplier confirming your arrangement.

7. Upload products

There are three different ways to upload products to Wish:


Manually add your products to Wish from your Merchant account by clicking Products > Add New Products > Manual. Enter a product name, description, tags, and a unique ID, and upload a selection of high-quality images.


Add your products to Wish via CSV from your Merchant account by clicking Products > Add New Products > Product CSV File. Upload a CSV file in the required format.


Add your product via an integrated API with your multi-channel management or listing software by clicking Account > API Settings > Explore Apps. Find the app you want to integrate and follow the instructions for connecting.

8. Confirm your fulfillment option

There are three different methods for fulfilling orders in Wish.

In-house fulfillment

If you’re fulfilling orders yourself in-house, Wish will automatically send you a notification each day of new orders to fulfill. Note that these must be fulfilled within five calendar days.

Fulfillment by Wish

If you’re using Wish’s fulfillment program, Fulfillment by Wish, you need to create a shipping plan. From your merchant dashboard, click FBW & FBS > Create Shipping Plan and select the products you want fulfilling by Wish.

Outsourced fulfillment

If you’re using an outsourced Wish fulfillment partner, you need to connect the API if you haven’t already done so. From Account > API Settings > Explore Apps, find your fulfillment partner’s app, and follow the instructions for connecting. 

How to become a Trusted Store on Wish

Congratulations, you’ve created a store on Wish. Your next challenge is to enhance your potential for success by becoming a trusted store.

Wish’s Trusted Store program gives merchants with high product quality and good delivery performance, access to additional tools and benefits for growing business on Wish. These benefits include eligibility for the Verified by Wish program, increased impressions, high search result placement, and the ability to handle tickets from customers directly.

To become a Wish Trusted Store, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Valid tracking rate of 95% or more
  • Late confirmed fulfillment rate of 10% or less
  • Average 30-day rating of 4.00 or more
  • Average 63-93 days refund rate of 10% or less
  • Counterfeit rate of 0.5% or less

Next steps

After creating your store, there are plenty of other ways to boost your performance on Wish, including qualifying for Wish Express and product promotions, and running ProductBoost advertising.

Watch our blog for more tips and tricks for successfully selling on Wish.

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