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How Dastmalchi utilized Deliverr to save Vanity Planet and KOVE’s 2021 holiday sales


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Founded in 2010 by Alex Dastmalchi, Dastmalchi is a beauty and lifestyle brand committed to creating everyday products worthy of daily routine. Today, the parent company owns and operates a collection of brands (including Vanity Planet and KOVE) with products that put customers first. Dastmalchi’s passion is making the mundane feel exciting, and the basic seem brilliant.

With the freedom to explore new ideas, pricing models, and distribution channels, the company is able to take a unique approach to each brand and every product, making sure it’s fulfilling a real need or helping shift the status quo.

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Deliverr spoke with the Head of Operations for two Dastmalchi brands—Vanity Planet and KOVE—to learn more about their fulfillment journey, their struggle to meet customer demand with fast delivery, and how they utilized Deliverr to save their 2021 holiday sales. Learn how switching to Deliverr during the busiest time of year helped two popular Dastmalchi brands deliver packages more quickly and efficiently.

The challenge

With the busy 2021 holiday season approaching, Dastmalchi was uncertain that their current 3PL provider was well equipped to meet customer demand and deliver packages on time for Vanity Planet and KOVE orders. From historically missed service level agreements (SLAs), to slow delivery times with only one warehouse and little help with planning logistics, finding a new partner was crucial in order to have a successful holiday season.

Vanity Planet luxury beauty products

Unfortunately, the roadblocks didn’t stop there. Not only was Dasmaltchi apprehensive of their current partner’s capabilities, but supply chain issues were also deterring shipments of Vanity Planet and Kove orders. With only four days until Christmas Eve, inventory that already needed to be in transit to arrive in time for the holidays was stuck at the port

Democratizing the last building block of eCommerce

With no time to waste, Vanity Planet & Kove’s head of operations turned to Deliverr. Our warehouse and operations teams quickly created a distribution plan to take over logistics and set out to successfully secure the brands’ stuck inventory from the port on December 19th.

After the inventory was received at a Deliverr cross-dock in Fontana, our team was able to successfully distribute inventory to several warehouses across the country, placing inventory closest to demand to ensure it would arrive on time.

“I appreciate all the hours the Deliverr team put in to make the 2021 holiday season successful for Vanity Planet and KOVE. There’s no way we could have done this without them.”

Michael Wong, Head of Operations

KOVE Audio portable speaker

By proactively identifying concerns, the Deliverr operations team was able to process and fulfill 13.5K orders for Vanity Planet and KOVE in just three days—ensuring all packages would be in the hands of customers before Christmas eve.

What’s next for Vanity Planet and KOVE

Through clear communication and level-setting of expectations, the Deliverr team was able to deliver on our promises, build trust, and become a strategic partner for Vanity Planet and KOVE. As a next step in our partnership, the two brands have plans to shift their entire fulfillment operations over to the Deliverr network in 2022.

By building a plan to be proactive in predicting the brands’ needs, creating growth opportunities, and identifying issues before they arise, Vanity Planet and KOVE can now focus more on product sourcing, not logistics.

Find out how Dastmalchi and other leading brands are growing their business with Deliverr’s Fulfillment and Logistics Services.

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