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Early access: Be first to deploy in-demand Deliverr Betas and Pilots

Updated June 2022

Welcome to the second edition of Deliverr’s early access beta opportunity blog series! This month, we’re excited to announce an exciting new Beta program for a highly-anticipated service. For those of you who read the May edition, you can skip to the good stuff by clicking here.

Flexibility is the future of eCommerce logistics. Build the logistics infrastructure your business needs with mix-and-match scalable services for every stage from ship to doorstep, driving growth on your terms.

Pay as you go and build as you grow with a modern approach to eCommerce operations. Our latest Beta programs enable you to go beyond the status quo and forge the broken logistics chain back together one link, one primitive, one service at a time.

Some benefits of being a Beta tester include:

• Ensuring the products and services we’re building are right for your company

• The ability to have a say in helping shape the Deliverr products you use

• Being among the first to know all the latest updates

• The chance to provide feedback on what you would like to see in the future

Deliverr Beta and Pilot programs: June 2022

• Branded Packaging

Branded Packaging

Available as of May 30, Deliverr is now offering Branded Packaging services to a select group of Shopify merchants. Enhance your brand connection and deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer experience that lasts post-purchase.

This customization feature allows you to delight your customers with a unique unboxing experience. From the moment the package arrives on their doorstep to the first thing they see when they look inside—encourage repeat purchases and build brand equity with custom branded packaging designed to make your brand stand out.

During the Beta phase*, Deliverr is offering the following branded packaging options:

1. Branded boxes

2. Branded bubble mailers

3. Branded polybags

4. Branded inserts

*Other types of packaging will be available post-Beta, including packing slips, tape, stickers, and tissue paper/gift wrap.

Branded Packaging program requirements and limitations

In order to qualify for Deliverr’s Branded Packaging Beta, you must meet the following criteria:

• Have an Average Daily Order Volume (ADO) of 100 or more

• Have existing branded packaging materials that can be inbounded to the Deliverr network OR work with Deliverr’s packaging suppliers to source merchant-branded packaging

• Be selling on a Shopify-enabled site

Learn how branded packaging can enhance your customer experience

Deliverr Branded Packaging services are currently offered at one select Deliverr warehouse location in each region: West Coast (Riverside), the Northeast (Newark), the Midwest (Chicago), the Southeast (Atlanta), or Texas (Dallas Fort Worth). The Branded Packaging program will expand to 10 nationwide warehouses by the end of 2022.

Ready to be a part of a Deliverr Beta program?

Learn more about our Branded packaging services here, or request to be a Beta tester by filling out this form.

This post will be updated on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back for the latest programs available and subscribe to our monthly product newsletter.

Former Betas and Pilots en route to General Availability (GA)

The open enrollment period for these Beta and Pilot programs are now closed, but you can still stay up to date with relevant updates and general availability release:

First Expires First Out Fulfillment (FEFO) and Lot Tracking for Recall Management

FBA Forwarding


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