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Bringing SKUs together: introducing new bundling options inside Deliverr

Sometimes, things just go together. Shampoo and conditioner. One of every drink flavor. Enough notebooks to get through the year.

Virtual bundling gives you the flexibility to create sets of items that just go together, in any combination you want, for whatever length of time makes sense — without having to make any cumbersome physical inventory adjustments.

Once your inventory is in place, now you can easily create bundles right inside the Deliverr app. No more need for third-party apps or separate listing tools, or needing to pre-kit bundles ahead of time.

With bundling, you can:

• Offer bundles to match natural customer behavior

• Be strategic with your inventory and use virtual bundles to move specific SKUs

• Increase your average order value and save costs

• Move away from multiple apps and tools

• And offer and fulfill bundles beyond Amazon FBA, giving you more seller options, including Shopify

Give the people what they want: offer buyers bundles that make sense

Virtual bundling provides another way to meet and exceed the modern consumer’s expectations. The eCommerce experience with the least friction for a browsing customer wins, and when people see the kinds of ‘natural’ bundles they expect, it subconsciously confirms your commitment to customer experience.

Two or more units of necessary household goods at a slight discount in a bundle? No-brainer. A variety pack of every color or flavor? Naturally appeals to people who want to try one of each.

You can also dig into your customers’ behavior and understand their patterns. Are people often adding a set of SKUs to their cart together? Make a bundle. Have items that go together for certain holidays or times of the year? Make a bundle. Want to add a warranty or other non-digital product to a physical product? Make a bundle.

Have some ideas for your first bundle already? Get started!

More ways to move the SKUs you want, when you want

When you need to move inventory, bundles give you another way to do it. Whether you’re trying to sell off inventory to make room for more, trying to get rid of lower-demand items, or another strategy, offering those products as part of a bundle makes it a lot easier.

Less is more: Fewer interfaces to deal with, plus more seller options

Until now, as a Deliverr merchant you could only create bundles through Amazon FBA or via third-party apps on other platforms. With bundling inside Deliverr, you no longer need to use other apps or tools.

Not only have merchants been dealing with multiple apps with varying levels of headaches, some have even been unable to cost-effectively offer what should be their most popular products. As one of our merchants , it’s impossible to inbound their product when buyers can choose a combination of more than 20 different items across 3 SKUs. We’re pleased to report they told us bundling is “one of the best features we have seen released by Deliverr yet.”

Not using multiple apps and not pre-kitting before inbounding saves you a ton of time — and money — plus it gives you a lot of options around where to offer your bundles. Deliverr connects to all the leading listing tools, so your bundles can be cost-effectively offered and fulfilled across more platforms, including Shopify.

Now cost-effectively offer and fulfill bundles across more platforms, including Shopify

Bundle up: What to know about bundling and setting up your first bundle with Deliverr

Setting up your first bundle is simple! Inventory does need to be present in our vast warehouse network to start bundling. If you’re not already a Deliverr customer or have questions about inbounding your inventory, you can sign up here, or contact our team with questions.

A few things to note about bundling with Deliverr:

Fast Tags still work on individual items. Deliverr Fast Tags will remain active for individual items within the bundle. As of right now, you can’t apply a Fast Tag to an entire bundle.

These bundles are virtual. The bundling feature within Deliverr does not constitute kitting in the prep phase. Items will not be kitted together. (But if that’s something you’d like, let’s talk about Prep!)

Items may be fulfilled separately. Since these bundles are virtual and offer maximum flexibility to create bundles across our network, some items may be coming from different facilities and may be fulfilled in split shipments.

Costs stay the same! As always, with Deliverr you’ll get sensible, straightforward pricing, and our bundles are no exception. Bundling does not affect your pricing.

Have some ideas for your first bundle already? Get started!

If you already have inventory with us, check out our Help Center post on how to set up your first bundle, as well as some other posts you may find helpful.


Deliverr Help Center for merchants ready to set up a bundle:

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