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Merchants can now book Deliverr Freight services directly in Seller Portal (open Beta)

Since launching Deliverr Freight in February 2022, merchants in the market for freight services have responded positively to our simple and straightforward approach to a historically fragmented and opaque industry. All of this has been done while staying true to the core value Deliverr was built upon – being lean.

Our logistics professionals launched and operated Deliverr Freight before ever writing a line of code. This meant that in the early days of booking Deliverr Freight services, merchants would email or Slack details of new shipments to our Transportation team.

Moreover, each additional stage of the freight journey (drayage, transloading, rail, over-the-road) required additional communication and coordination for appointment and carrier bookings. This caused a delay in how quickly our merchants got booking updates.

But fulfilling our merchants’ crucial need for freight services wasn’t going to be interrupted simply because our team had to do more manual work on the backend. ‘Being lean’ helped quickly validate the market’s need for a better class of service; and Deliverr’s position to offer it.

We’re excited to announce a speedy and effortless option to book Deliverr Freight services directly in your Seller Portal account.

New, simplified process for booking Deliverr Freight services via Seller Portal

As Ben Gregory, Product Manager for Freight Experience, explains:

“It didn’t take long after the launch of Deliverr Freight for our Transportation team to become overwhelmed by the level of interest the service received. We realized we needed a more scalable solution to service the influx of incoming requests. By simplifying the process of booking Deliverr Freight services directly in Seller Portal, we’re able to offer a faster and more transparent experience to our customers.”

Ben Gregory, Product Manager, Deliverr Freight Experience

By booking Deliverr Freight services directly in Seller Portal, you can:

  • Get an instant quote (in under 10 seconds!) 24/7 anywhere in the contiguous U.S.
  • Book a truckload and instantly receive a Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Easily track the status of your freight shipments all in one place

Andrew Marione, Product Manager for Freight Execution, emphasizes that:

“The same team will still be monitoring every shipment behind the scenes to ensure smooth delivery of your freight shipments. Some activities, such as tendering a freight request to carrier partners, will still be done manually for the time being. But thanks to integration with leading freight platforms, we’re able to quickly find a carrier, set appointments, and proactively notify our merchants of any issues.”

Andrew Marione, Product Manager, Deliverr Freight Execution

If you’re an exisiting Deliverr merchant interested in being a part of the Freight open Beta, sign in to your existing Seller Portal account to get started.

Don’t have a Deliverr account? Contact our team below for more information.

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