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Introducing Deliverr Reserve Storage: Unified storage to connect your inventory to your demand

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It’s not an unusual story. A lot of companies accept the challenges of getting their products into happy customers’ hands as the cost of doing business, and the pandemic exacerbated existing supply chain and inventory management issues across the board.

Considering that, BestSelf Co.’s situation wasn’t unique. The provider of top productivity tools like journals and planners imported goods into California and Florida. From there, products traveled to three different 3PLs’ warehouses, sometimes needing to go to additional locations for prep.

Three warehouses. Three different providers. Inventory spread across three different tracking systems. Communicating with three different points of contact, three different pricing structures and invoicing—the list of inconveniences went on. Not to mention the sheer difficulty of finding storage options with manufactured goods coming into the U.S. soaring by 20% (U.S. Census Bureau), while space to store it plummeted to less than 6% vacancy (Statista).

But especially as a brand standing for personal self-improvement, BestSelf Co. wanted logistics efficiency and to improve their customers’ experience.

Enter Deliverr Reserve Storage: unified storage to connect inventory to demand, across any channel, any time, anywhere.

Stand-alone or combined with other Deliverr services, Deliverr Reserve Storage:

• Uses the advantages of short-term storage for on-demand inventory across the country;

• Takes all the guesswork out of pricing and introduces some serious competitive advantages;

• and brings everything associated with storage (tracking, comms, inventory management) into one place.

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Your inventory on demand, any channel, anywhere, any time

In a modern logistics infrastructure, you need the flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions. With Deliverr Reserve Storage, you get to decide where your inventory goes and where to restock. No need to move your inventory the moment it hits the port—you get to strategically shift it to where demand is high, with no excess inventory in one channel while you’re stocking out in another.

With Deliverr Reserve Storage, all combinations of inbound and outbound get taken into account for an inventory flow so flexible it’s a competitive advantage. Your products will get to their destination way faster and at a much lower cost to you than with multiple 3PLs handling this. Whether you’re using Deliverr Fulfillment, FBA, B2B, your own warehousing—it all works with Deliverr Reserve Storage.

Diagram of Deliverr Reserve Storage inventory flow
Deliverr Reserve Storage: multiple options for inbound and outbound across the country

BestSelf Co. was able to cut out a lot of steps and additional destinations by unifying their flow with Reserve Storage. While they see additional benefits from the convenience of also using other Deliverr services, any merchant will see efficiencies, especially considering the Deliverr pricing structure.

Testimonial quote from BestSelf Co. COO James Bake: We seriously can’t recommend Deliverr enough. And now with the addition of services like Reserve Storage, they’ve quickly become our all-in-one stop for our warehousing and fulfillment needs.

Clear, no-shenanigans pricing for confident planning and predictable supply chain

One of the worst parts of unpredictable storage is the cascading effect. No space leads to scrambling to find storage solutions, which leads to pulling in multiple 3PLs, which can mean taking longer to get your products into your customers’ hands, which leads to dissatisfied customers and a whole new customer experience and brand issue.

All that costs money, every step of the way. Also, if you aren’t sure about your storage options or your costs, you can’t claim the benefits of scale. That’s why brands like Deliverr Reserve Storage’s transparent, straightforward pricing.

Manufacture in bulk and save a ton of production costs per unit? Yes, absolutely. Plan and forecast confidently for everything from inventory to demand to your bottom line? Go ahead. Our vast network of cross-docks, fulfillment centers, and storage facilities means you get reliability and predictable, competitive pricing.

The pricing structure charges at the pallet/carton level based on handling and storage type, which means no hidden overages or costs.

Pricing as of March 2022

Pricing chart for Deliverr Reserve Storage inbounding

Pricing chart for Deliverr Reserve Storage inventory storage

Pricing chart for Deliverr Reserve Storage outbounding

Pricing chart for Deliverr Reserve Storage administration

For a company like BestSelf Co., reliable storage and inventory can be a serious advantage. At a time when competitors were being dropped from ‘best of’ lists like Insider and the New York Times Wirecutter for poor stock availability, BestSelf Co. owns the title of Insider’s “Best Planner for Tracking Everyday Goals” and can be confident of their products staying in stock even if they see increased demand from awards.

One inventory partner, one nationwide storage network, fewer headaches

Partnering with merchants for years on fulfillment and logistics infrastructure, we know one thing is true: you want more time to focus on growing your business. Everything you don’t do yourself needs to provide that time.

Deliverr Reserve Storage and our other Logistics Services options exist to give you that focus. Eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and partners. You send your inventory to one of our dedicated storage facilities, and Deliverr handles the rest.

It’s also worth noting that you often incur costs to get your own inventory in and out of storage. Sometimes the freight costs are as high or higher than the storage costs. Deliverr Reserve Storage is designed to minimize these freight costs if used with our fulfillment services—by pooling inventory across channels in one place, you bear no additional freight costs when you want to deploy your reserve inventory across our network.

If you’re looking for even fewer headaches and want an all- or most-in-one solution, combining Reserve Storage with other stand-alone services compounds the advantages:

• With Deliverr Freight, we can handle all of your transportation needs from when the inventory arrives at the port via drayage and transloading, to storage, to preparation, and even shipping to the end channel or partner.

• With Deliverr Prep, we can prepare stored inventory for its final destination with kitting, labeling, box building, and more.

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Customer testimonial quote from BestSelf Co COO James Bake: “The Deliverr team makes communicating, tracking, and managing inventory easy, allowing us to focus more time on our customers and growing the business.

How Deliverr Reserve Storage works for you

Existing storage options often work best for single-channel B2B storage, which really isn’t how most modern brands operate. The traditional “pallets in, pallets out” approach can mean limited inventory visibility, complex fee structures, and inconsistent technology integrations for multi-channel merchants.

With Deliverr Reserve Storage, you store a portion of your inventory on a short-term timetable (your reserve inventory) in a dedicated storage center on the West or East Coast. Exploring what that would look like is as easy as:

• After an initial intake, a Deliverr rep will discuss specifically how Reserve Storage would work for your business.

• During our kickoff call, you let us know what you’re inbounding, where (West or East Coast), and then you’ll schedule an inbounding appointment at the cross-dock.

• Once the appointment is confirmed, you send us your inventory and you’re all set! We’ll receive and store until it’s ready to outbound to its final destination.

Note: Reserve Storage is ideal to store up to six months of inventory and is designed to provide on-hand inventory replenishment when an end destination is not fully determined today.

Questions about how Deliverr Reserve Storage would work for your inventory flow? Want to turn your logistics and fulfillment into a competitive advantage, not a cost center? Check out our Help Center article, or give us a little info about your business below and we’ll follow up to talk details!

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