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Returns powered by Deliverr: How apparel and footwear brands close the customer experience loop

Updated on December 22, 2022

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Achieving customer-centricity is the difference between failing or thriving as an apparel and footwear retailer.

A commitment to sustainability and purpose-driven initiatives. Fast shipping. Ease of returns. Customers have made it clear that these are standard requirements to secure their recurring business and loyalty. So why do many apparel and footwear merchants struggle with returns despite their importance in driving a positive customer experience?

The reality is 25% of apparel companies have a hard time managing and processing returns on their own (especially across multiple eCommerce channels). From operational challenges such as no access to domestic warehouses to confusing reverse logistics, data limitations, and process ownership tug of war, returns are the most complex part of inventory lifecycle management. But they don’t need to be.

With Deliverr Returns, you can:

• Lower the costs associated with your returns

• Manage and process returned items more efficiently

• Gain visibility into each return with detailed tracking and reporting

• Inject resellable returns through a dedicated facility to maintain strong coverage

…all with a single 3PL provider—Deliverr.

*Deliverr merchants: Get started with Deliverr Returns in Seller Portal 

*If you aren’t currently a Deliverr merchant, chat with an expert to get started with Deliverr Returns or read on to learn more.

Cost-effective savings in more ways than one

Returns account for over $400 billion in lost sales for U.S. retailers. More so, returns from eCommerce orders are the highest category of returns for apparel and footwear brands. While offering returns is necessary to drive a positive customer experience, a poorly managed returns process can cost you more money than it makes you. From labels, to boxes, to unsellable returned merchandise, the costs add up.

With Deliverr Returns, merchants see cost-effective savings. Tired of spending a premium on return labels? Save 20% on average with access to competitive carrier rates when using our Returns Management Tool.

Our commitment to competitive, transparent pricing means you’ll always get the best price and never wonder what additional costs you might incur.

Simplicity and efficiency of an in-network returns partner

It’s difficult to make reverse logistics efficient. It’s even more difficult when you have fragmented operations in place. Returns powered by Deliverr simplify reverse logistics for both you and your customers.

Gone are the days of long post office lines just to purchase a return label. Deliverr’s RMT enables customers to request a return label directly from your Support team. All you have to do is send the prepaid label directly to your customer’s email inbox for them to print and attach to a box. It’s that simple.

More importantly, having a single 3PL partner to handle your returns needs means faster turnaround times, a responsive support team, and a more efficient process all-around. One Deliverr footwear merchant reaped the benefits of working with us as their main 3PL partner—adding services like Deliverr Freight to their logistics stack to simplify operations and focus on their bottom line:

“With Deliverr now coordinating every aspect of the U.S.-based movements, we’re able to simplify communication, coordination, and costs. We went from having to deal with four vendors for every shipment to one—Deliverr.”

See how the Returns Management Tool can simplify your operations

Inventory insights and control all in one place

Working with multiple returns partners also brings headaches with inventory tracking. Simplifying your process means having a single partner and greater control of your returned inventory under one roof.

The Deliverr Returns Management Tool provides visibility into each of your returns. No need to change your current customer experience or support process:

• Provide faster customer refunds

• Easily purchase return labels for your customers and track their status

• Get access to detailed reporting about your returns

• Initiate returns across a variety of eCommerce channels*

• Choose any address to send returns to (your fulfillment center, the Deliverr network, or even your house!)

…all within your Seller Portal account.

*At this time, only your business can process returns on behalf of the customer. In other words, customers can’t yet request a return directly within the RMT.

Maintain strong coverage with a dedicated returns facility

It’s likely you send returned products to your distribution center to be inspected. It’s also likely returned merchandise and sellable inventory are often mixed up.

Having your returns processed at Deliverr’s dedicated returns facility separates your inventory from your returns for a more efficient and organized process. We’ll handle every step, including:

• Receiving and inspecting your returned merchandise

• Updating your returns platform or Deliverr account with inspection results once items are received

• Restocking your sellable inventory and donating/disposing of unsellable products

Use Deliverr Returns as a standalone solution or together with your existing returns infrastructure. Talk to us if you’d like to know more!

Simplify your returns operations with Deliverr

We understand the challenges businesses face when working with multiple partners. We also know that shifting any portion of your logistics infrastructure to a new partner is cumbersome.

At Deliverr, we provide options so you can choose what’s best for your business.

If you’re already partnering with us for fulfillment or any other logistics services you can easily enable Returns services directly in your Seller Portal account today.

If you aren’t currently a Deliverr merchant you can still add our Returns services to your logistics infrastructure. Chat with an expert to learn more.


Check out our full suite of Logistics Services below:

• Freight

• Reserve Storage

• Prep

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