Deliverr joins Shopify 🚀 Building the world’s most merchant-centric logistics solution

Deliverr has reached an agreement to join Shopify

Today, we’re excited to announce Shopify’s plans to acquire Deliverr. Since we founded Deliverr in 2017, our mission has been simple: to help merchants of any size accelerate their growth and meet rising customer expectations.

Since then, thousands of merchants like you have achieved logistics superpowers with the best possible infrastructure, technology, and data. You can sell more across multiple channels with a hassle-free fulfillment experience, offering your customers free and fast delivery promises.

We also launched new logistics services, enabling brands to grow with freight, reserve storage, and prep solutions. These solutions have helped reduce costs, avoid delays, and put you in control of your end-to-end logistics infrastructure.

Additionally, we’ve released nine new integrations with various sales channels, so you can sell in more places without having to commit a certain amount of inventory to each sales channel. This has created a world of opportunity for independent businesses like yours who previously couldn’t offer customers the fulfillment experiences they’ve come to expect.

Along the way, we’ve admired Shopify’s progress in building Shopify Fulfillment Network, which provides direct-to-consumer merchants with fulfillment solutions integrated into the Shopify platform. We couldn’t be more excited to join Shopify. Together, we’ll continue to make connected, modern logistics possible for every merchant. We’ll help you meet and exceed rising customer experience expectations.

So what does this mean for you? We’ve answered a few questions below and will continue to update you as we’re able.

When do you expect the acquisition to close?

Shopify and Deliverr expect the transaction to close following regulatory review.

How does this news impact me and the services Deliverr offers?

We will continue to support you with the same level of service and care you have come to expect with Deliverr. As we continue to expand Deliverr and Shopify, we will work to bring capabilities to Deliverr customers who are already Shopify merchants, as well as customers not using Shopify.

Does Shopify plan to keep Deliverr’s solutions?

Deliverr will operate as a dedicated solution as part of Shopify’s end-to-end fulfillment network. Over time, we aim to integrate Deliverr’s technology and capabilities with Shopify. This will allow more merchants of all sizes, both on and off Shopify, to unlock the full benefits of the end-to-end logistics platform we are building together.

We could not have built Deliverr without the support of our team, our investors, our partners, and most of all, you, our incredible merchants. Thank you for believing in our mission and being part of our journey. We are just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

For more information, please see Shopify’s news here.

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