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Deliverr survey results: What consumers want from eCommerce businesses

At Deliverr we don’t just build products that suit today’s needs. We look into the future to determine the needs that will arise later this year, next year or the year after.

The success of Deliverr ties directly into how well our merchant partners do, so we’re as invested in eCommerce businesses and brands as our customers. To that end, we set out to uncover what consumers value the most when shopping online, and which factors boost conversions in 2021.

We sent out a survey asking how often individuals shop online, what they look for when making a purchase, and what value-added badges catch their eye. Check out the results, and why they’re important, below.

The importance of knowing your customer

Knowing what your customers want can make or break an eCommerce business — it helps you create or source the right products, add the conversion levers that work, and target the customers you want.

Understanding what your buyers are looking for and delivering before your competitors helps you win shoppers, turn them into loyal buyers, and boost your retention while you’re at it.

The Deliverr consumer needs survey

At Deliverr, we question our assumptions and explore what we know as it evolves. To do this, we looked to consumers — your potential customers — by tapping into a pool of random shoppers from across the USA. We used an independent survey platform to get the unbiased opinions of online shoppers, just like yours.

So… what do your customers want to see on your product listings? We asked the question in two ways: multiple choice and listing images with badges. Both questions explored options such as:

  • Free 1-day delivery
  • Free and easy returns
  • Eco-friendly delivery methods
  • Ethical work conditions

Listing badges also included common options such as:

  • Best seller
  • 3 items left

The questions also asked for a justification of the choice in order to confirm that participants weren’t answering blindly.

Results: Free next day delivery is the main differentiator

The results were loud and clear: most shoppers preferred the Free 1-day delivery over all other badges or offers. More specifically, we got the following breakdown of preferences:

  • Free NextDay Delivery: 44.0%
  • Free and Easy Returns: 21.3%
  • Best Seller: 14.0%
  • Ethical work conditions: 7.7%
  • Eco packaging and shipping: 5.8%
  • 3 Items left: 4.8%

The breakdown remained the same for the responders who answered the questions consistently (either by confirming their choice verbally or by answering both the multiple choice and the image questions the same way). Moreover, we did not notice a significant difference in responses over different ages, genders, locations or even shopping frequency.

What to do now

Now that you know what your customers want, you know what levers you need to pull to boost conversions. Learn how to offer next-day delivery on your listings either in-house or through an outsourced fulfillment partner.

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