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How Chassis got double digit growth on their Shopify store

As the first complete line of premium products to combat sweat, odor, and chafing, Chassis has forever changed Man Care for Down There. The Chassis brand ships to over 100 countries across the globe and can be purchased directly on their store.

As many athletes know, preparation is half the battle, so getting their workout essentials as soon as possible is a top priority for Chassis customers.

“We’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions that improve the shopping experience for customers, and Deliverr’s shipping solutions seemed like a no brainer for us as express shipping becomes the norm in the eyes of the shopper.” – Noah Wieder, Co-founder

Prior to using Deliverr for fulfillment, Chassis fulfilled orders with a traditional 3PL partner. Today, their shoppers enjoy nationwide free 2-day delivery directly from Chassis’ Walmart and Shopify stores.

We spoke with Chassis Co-Founder Noah Wieder about their experience with fast shipping and Deliverr fulfillment across Walmart and Shopify.

Implementing 2-day delivery across marketplaces

Chassis has successfully implemented 2-day delivery on their website, promising fast and free delivery for their U.S. customers. From the homepage banner all the way through checkout, their 2-day promise is ever-present.

Check out the gif below to see how Free 2-Day Delivery plays into the purchasing flow on the Chassis for Men Shopify website.

In addition to getting fast shipping badges on their own Shopify store, Chassis was also pre-approved for Walmart’s fast tags since they used Deliverr for fulfillment.

Fast shipping results

Their investment paid off. From Walmart to their own Shopify store, Chassis saw the effect of fast delivery on their conversion rates. Their customers just couldn’t get enough – fast enough.

53% sales growth on Walmart

Fulfilling with Deliverr meant instant access to fast tags on Walmart. Turning those on helped to boost their products’ visibility in search, enhanced their chances of landing conversions, and satisfied impatient shoppers who wanted their items quickly.

“As soon as we implemented the Walmart 2 Day shipping badge we saw an instant sales lift of over 53% that continues to sustain.” – Noah Wieder, Co-founder

Double digit conversion increase on Shopify

When it came to Shopify, using Deliverr gave them access to special 2-day delivery badges and NextDay delivery in certain areas, promising speed and urgency.

“After implementing 2-day delivery on Shopify, we have seen a double digit percent increase on our conversions.” – Noah Wieder, Co-founder

NextDay eligible…at no extra cost

Finally, since Chassis uses Deliverr for their Shopify fulfillment, some of their items also got automatic NextDay coverage – at no extra cost to them. Deliverr pricing is transparent and all-inclusive, making it easy for Chassis to predict how much fulfillment will cost them at all times.

Check out what your fulfillment costs would be in our online calculator.

The Deliverr experience

When asked what their favorite part of working with Deliverr has been, Noah said…

“From the easy to use software to the OUTSTANDING customer service and commitment to customer solutions, I have enjoyed every aspect of partnering with Deliverr.” – Noah Wieder, Co-founder

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Chassis uses our GeekSeller integration.

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