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How to win customers and simplify your life: A DTCX4 session recap

Here’s something that might strike a chord.

Every direct-to-consumer (DTC) business has spent money and effort to convince consumers to buy their product only to lose the sale at checkout. In a world where consumers are inundated with endless options, their decision to purchase from one brand over another usually boils down to one key factor: shipping. In fact, 55% of consumers abandon their carts due to added shipping costs. So what’s the secret to winning customers?

Deliverr’s CRO Soumya Srinagesh shared her tips on how DTC merchants can grow their sales and keep customers returning time and again at this year’s DTCX virtual summit. Get a quick recap below or dive into the session recording for in-depth secrets.

Consider your “demand chain”

The main ingredient in the recipe for delighting customers with fast, affordable fulfillment is getting your products as close as possible to the customer. That way, when a customer places an order, your product only travels a short distance to get to them in one day.

Understand your unit economics

Most logistics vendors charge by truckloads, cost plus, or some other model. How does that truly translate back to your unit economics? Do you know how much it costs to get every order out the door? Starting from here gets you a baseline.

Customer delight is a journey, not a moment

We all know DTC stands for direct-to-consumer, but it also translates to ‘delighting the customer.’ Start by looking at your “WISMO” (where is my order) tickets. Analyze their volume and cost to your business in terms of repeat customers, refunds, and more. Tracking this, along with on-time delivery rates, are critical metrics to success.

The good news? Every business can make logistics their superpower

Demand, scale, and customer delight. These simple ideas power the most sophisticated eCommerce brands and are what make logistics superpowers within your reach. At Deliverr, we offer fulfillment and a wide range of logistics services including Freight, Storage, Prep, and Returns to help merchants of all sizes succeed in the DTC space. Find out what you could become with these logistics superpowers.

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