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The best eBay listing software and tools

eBay hosts more than 170 million buyers and a billion active listings at a time, which is both impressive and daunting for the average eCommerce seller. In order to get in the eBay game, you need to be able to create and monitor your listings to ensure you’re staying competitive.

But as your success as a seller grows, so will your work. If you get to the point where you have multiple SKUs, you may end up spending most of your time managing fulfillment and inventory instead of growing your business. This is where eBay tools step in.

eBay listing software helps eCommerce sellers who may sell multiple items across different marketplaces. The tools keep them organized, efficient, and reduce human error. They eliminate repetitive tasks to free up your and your team’s time, and allow you to focus on more important things.

Sellers should understand that listing optimization is a continuous process if you want to stay ahead. Listing tools will help you get the leg up with continuous improvement.

What are the Essential Features in eBay Listing Software

If you’re in the market for eBay tools, we recommend looking for the following 6 features.

  1. Gives the merchant the ability to create and manage eBay templates
  2. Can schedule listings
  3. Can set auto-list and re-listing profiles
  4. Can allow bulk changes to listings
  5. User friendly interface to add and edit data
  6. Can monitor pricing and stock levels

The question of which eBay listing software you should pick largely depends on your eCommerce business. If you are selling on eBay by yourself, you may be fine with basic software; but if your business starts to expand, its time to start considering the more sophisticated eBay tools.

We have compiled 8 of the best eBay tools that have proven reliable over time. They are a combination of software provided by third parties and those exclusive to eBay.

9 Awesome eBay listing software tools


SellerHub was created by eBay to ease navigation and provide an easy to use experience in the account management process. It brings all the eBay tools from earlier eBay programs – Resolution Center, Seller Reports, eBay Messages, Monitoring, Returns, and Selling Manager – under the umbrella of a single program and dashboard.

SellerHub | eBay listing software and tools

The software is exclusive to eBay and gives sellers insights on how their business is performing. According to some reviewers, SellerHub is “the biggest development for eBay in years.”

While the software has been lurking since it debuted in 2015, eBay recently announced that it was migrating all eCommerce professional and business sellers to SellerHub.

SellerHub is currently only available to US sellers, and currently there’s no way to opt out.

SellerHub’s Notable Features

  • Growth tab in SellerHub gives real-time insights (sourcing guidance, restock advice, and listing improvements). The in-depth sales data helps the seller learn how buyers are finding products and identify top performers.
  • The Performance tab in SellerHub provides details on sales history and performance (like daily sales trends, monthly sales, buyer traffic, sales by country, page views, etc.) that an eCommerce seller can use to hone their strategies.
  • Centralized listings management, including editing or canceling your listings.
  • List variations for multi-quantity listing and boost your item’s visibility with promoted listings.
  • Bulk create and edit listings.

SellerHub’s Pricing

Free. You only need to pay for subscriptions (Selling Manager Pro, Stores, etc).


InkFrog is an eBay listing tool that supports template creation and has store sync functionality to update profiles and listings. Sellers can start with pre-built themes and then modify using InkFrog’s WYSIWYG editor.

InkFrog | eBay listing software and tools

InkFrog is an affordable multi-channel eBay listing tool that gives eBay merchants a chance to cross-sell items with multiple formats. A small eCommerce seller can use this tool to move listings from Amazon to eBay – using templates – while keeping the content well formatted across channels.

InkFrog’s Notable Features

  • List on several eBay markets with custom templates, and deactivate your eBay listing when you are out of stock.
  • Reliable cloud storage for your listings and data. Access your listing history with quick search and filters.
  • Create auto relist rules that give you the chance to set up times for closed listings and relist schedules.
  • Create variation listings and sync title, description, and inventory.
  • List products from other marketplaces to eBay and create master and sub-profiles to update profiles across all your listings.

InkFrog’s Pricing

The basic package (300 listings) starts at $11/month, and the price moves up as the offerings increase. The most advanced package (premium) is $79/month and comes with unlimited listings. They offer 14-day free trials.


Sellbrite is a cloud software solution that enables eCommerce sellers to list products on multiple channels with centralized control. Sellbrite is great for controlling and syncing your inventory across eBay and other channels while managing and fulfilling your orders.

Sellbrite | eBay listing software and tools

Sellbrite’s Notable Features

  • Sellbrite is easy and intuitive to set up, and you can immediately import your existing listings.
  • Create variation listings and unlimited pre-saved listing templates in advance.
  • Bulk list your items to eBay in a matter of seconds. You can also save listing options.
  • Monitor, revise, and relist your listings.
  • Inventory synchronization prevents overselling on eBay.

Sellbrite’s Pricing

The monthly billing starts at $49 for up to 100 orders and increases all the way to $399 for up to 10,000 orders per month.


ChannelAdvisor is a robust and sophisticated listing tool and one of the most prominent and robust multi-channel listing tools, complete with enterprise-grade software. ChannelAdvisor also understands that you need to create ads for each of your products. However, some sellers hate the fact that you cannot use eBay’s Markdown Manager directly through ChannelAdvisor, so it’s important to be aware of that.

ChannelAdvisor | eBay listing software and tools

ChannelAdvisor’s Notable Features

  • Create posting templates with information about shipping, payment methods, pricing, and any other eBay features. You can pick the preloaded posting templates, and you may want to consider using the eBay Automatic Matching feature to utilize one posting template for all categories.
  • Use their duplicate listing processing feature to prevent repeated listings; variation listings feature to list similar items together; and revise listings feature to update open listings on eBay in case changes are made to inventory.
  • Relist items on eBay, schedule listings, submit Parts Compatibility listings to the correct category, and create ads.
  • Use unique product identifiers to automatically map inventory to the correct catalog listing.

ChannelAdvisor’s Pricing

ChannelAdvisor does not provide fixed pricing, but will charge for set up, and has additional fees based on the seller’s revenue.


SellerActive is a cloud-based multi-channel inventory management and listing tool focused on direct eCommerce sales. It integrates into major marketplaces like Jet, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay to enable the creation of listings, listing imports, and the management of a channel; all from a single dashboard.

SellerActive | eBay listing software and tools

SellerActive has repricing tools integrated with marketplace inventory synchronization and order management.

SellerActive’s Notable Features

  • Use powerful repricing technology (rule-based repricing, velocity-based repricing, Algorithmic repricing) optimized to increase sales and broaden your margins. It helps the seller dynamically alter prices based on rules, sales velocity, and algorithms. The eBay repricing technology has a PriceIntelligence integration that provides real-time visibility into your multi-channel listings.
  • Single web-based interface for uploading, editing, and listing inventory.
  • Synchronize item listings across several marketplaces on a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed anywhere at anytime.
  • Real-time intelligent eCommerce analytics to help the seller make informed strategic decisions.

SellerActive’s Pricing

SellerActive starts at $79 per month with a pricing schedule based on revenue.


GoDataFeed is a powerful listing and inventory management tool that allows sellers to list products across multiple marketplaces. You can then synchronize all your SKUs and product data into a single feed. The software lists your items, optimizes the listings, and analyzes results to help you increase your sales – while keeping costs low.

GoDataFeed | eBay listing software and tools

GoDataFeed’s Notable Features

  • Use product data to pull child product listings and make similar adjustments to product listings on multiple channels.
  • Optimize eBay listings in bulk or create rules that can automate this.
  • Create product listing ads and access campaigns from a simple dashboard.
  • Modify product data to leverage eBay’s rich features. Change your description, title, and price to reveal your listing’s potential.
  • GoDataFeed syncs your listings to make sure product data is always correct.

GoDataFeed’s Pricing

The Lite, which is the basic version, starts at $39 per month per store and has unlimited users. The Ultimate plan is the most advanced package and goes for $399 per month per store.


Toronto-based Kyozou is an inventory management software and multi-channel listing tool that got its name from a Flash cartoon of Japanese drummers that went viral around the start of the Millennium. It’s an eBay Certified Solutions Provider that helps eCommerce merchants sell smarter on eBay by keeping them up to date with all of eBay changes.

Kyozou | eBay listing software and tools

Kyozou’s Notable Features

  • Create and manage Parent-Child/Variations and use Bulk Revision tools to revise listings.
  • The Multi Lister feature simultaneously manages all your listings from a single module while the listing scheduler helps with listing when you don’t want to sit in front of the computer screen.
  • Edit auto-listing and relist profiles, create Kits and Bundles, and edit listings in bulk.
  • Has integration with eBay motors and fitment table database, which makes auto parts selling on eBay easier.
  • Create high-quality eBay listing templates and automate listings to save time. The automation tool helps eCommerce sellers keep listing volumes low while keeping the listings accurate and updated.

Kyozou’s Pricing

No pricing is listed on their website. Sellers need to reach out to them directly to get a quote.

Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce provides multi-channel listing and several other inventory management features.  In 2016 alone, Solid Commerce announced that it had managed over $1.5 billion of orders. In 2017, the transaction value was worth $1 billion.

Solid Commerce | eBay listing software and tools

Solid Commerce’s Notable Features

  • Solid Commerce has a direct integration with eBay Motors to make it possible for auto-part sellers to add fitments to their listings.
  • Create new listings and edit them without leaving your Solid Commerce account.
  • Create kit listings with your unique combination of items.
  • Create eBay listing templates and avoid wasting time. Once you list a product, pick a template with the correct set of options.
  • Automated repricer, bulk listing on eBay, and live listing revisions.

Solid Commerce’s Pricing

Base pricing starts at $499/month


CrazyLister is an eBay listing software created by award-winning eBay retailers. According to its website, CrazyLister is used by 100,000 eBay sellers. CrazyLister invented the drag-and-drop templates editor for eBay, and offer over 200 designer-made eBay templates which you can customize or create your own from scratch. CrazyLister claims to be the most intuitive way to create professional eBay listings without knowing any code or design. According to its founders, CrazyLister is working on adding multiple sales channels support in order to become the most efficient way to manage your entire eCommerce operations.

CrazyLister’s notable features

  • Create professional eBay templates in minutes with a simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor.
  • The fastest way to create or revise eBay listings in bulk.
  • World’s only mobile listings editor that allows you to control how your eBay listings look on mobile devices
  • Easy listing from Amazon to eBay and vice versa
  • A rigorous focus on intuitive user experience enabling achieving any task within seconds.

CrazyLister pricing

The monthly billing starts at $20 for up to 100 managed listings and increases all the way to $320 (starter) or $480 (growing) for 50,000 managed listings per month. Annual billing provides 20% discount on the monthly prices. Unlimited packages are also available at higher prices.

While eBay dominates the eCommerce landscape and has promising earning potential, selling on eBay can get time consuming if not done well. Fortunately, there are a ton of eBay tools out there that can save sellers from repetitive tasks and improve listing organization.

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