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Expanding to a new marketplace? Here’s how to drive traffic to your listings

Any eCommerce seller who wants to grow knows that the key is adding new items, and expanding to new marketplaces. This is easier said than done, with cutthroat competition across most marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

However, if you want to be seen, there are a few tricks you can try to drive traffic to your listings and test out new product ideas.

4 marketplaces to explore

If you’re looking to expand, here are a few places you can test out your products.


If you aren’t already on Amazon, it’s time to start. Amazon has 24,000 sellers that do more than $1 million in sales annually, and reaches a huge number of shoppers every day. Getting on this marketplace is usually the starting point for a new eCommerce product.


In 2017, almost 1/3 of Amazon sellers wanted to expand to, and that number has only grown as Walmart has gotten more aggressive in eCommerce. In 2017 they launched their fast shipping program. Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, to rival Amazon Prime, and in late 2018 opened up the program to Marketplace sellers.


Although eBay started out with an auction-style marketplace, their fixed-price listings are now a key part of the marketplace. In addition to a marketplace with the reputation of being able to find anything, eBay has captured the market for unique and rare items, used goods, and other products that aren’t mass-produced.


Finally, it’s worth investing time into building your own storefront. Use Shopify to create a website and online store that you have complete ownership over. This will help you build your brand, control how you connect with your shoppers, and maintain access to your customer database.

3 ways to drive traffic to new products and listings

Now that we’ve covered the marketplaces you can branch out to, let’s investigate the tools and strategies you can use to drive traffic to those brand new listings.

1) Add fast shipping tags

Fast shipping tags can drive traffic to your listings in a number of ways, but ultimately, it gets your items seen on new marketplaces.

On Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, shoppers can filter search results by shipping speed. If your items offer fast shipping, that means whenever last-minute or impatient shoppers filter for speed, your items beat out competition in an instant.

Taking Walmart as an example, we’ve seen how their website gives preference to listings with fast shipping, even if shoppers aren’t using the filter. In addition to that, we’ve worked with sellers who…

2) Utilize marketplace ads

Marketplace ads are usually pay-per-click ads that show up to shoppers who are searching for certain key phrases. For example, if you sell baby blankets, you may put a bid on “baby swaddle” or similar words.

Tools like eBay Promoted Listings and Walmart Performance Ads allow sellers to test out new ideas and get their products in front of customers, fast, to gauge how successful an item will be with your target audience and to immediately drive some sales and get your items tried out.

3) Reach out to share your product

Connect with consumers in your industry to share your product. For example, if you sell makeup products, you may ask for a feature on a beauty blog, or send your items to a YouTube reviewer. Here’s an easy email template you can use to reach out.

Hey <name>,

I’m [name] from [company], and we create [elevator pitch].

I saw you use [item, ie. makeup products] frequently on your [medium, ie. blog/YouTube channel] and thought you might like [your product]. I’d love to send a few samples that you can test out if you’re interested.

If you like it, I’m happy to give your readers/viewers a discount promo exclusive to them.

[Optional] We can also use this to track how many purchases come from your channel and offer a commission to support your work.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

[Email signature]

If you have a more active content team, you can also recommend doing a video collaboration, guest post, or anything else that might be fun to work together on. Be creative when pitching influencers.

Take advantage of marketplace tools

Ultimately, you want to best utilize the tools that your channels offer. This can come in the form of fast shipping, offering special discounts, using pay-per-click advertising, or bringing in some outside influencer help.

Test out new SKUs, explore new marketplaces, and do what you can to drive consumers to your listings and encourage purchase. Once you get the ball rolling, you’re likely to see more reviews, marketplace algorithms will pick up that your listings are getting more traffic and conversions, and you’ll end up with more visibility and maybe even a best selling product to add to your portfolio.

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