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Webinar recap: Are Facebook and Instagram shops a good fit for your business in 2021?

18% of U.S. adults have made a purchase on Facebook, and 11% on Instagram last year.

130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month.

Want to learn how to target your ideal audience and convert buyers on Facebook and Instagram?

Whether you’re new to social media or already have a business profile, this webinar recording will help you decide whether Facebook and Instagram shops are a good fit for your business in 2021.

We’ll have a special guest joining us: Douglas Weiss, the Ecosystem Development Lead at Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shops, whose day-to-day involves enabling eCommerce sellers to onboard and sell effectively across Facebook’s family of apps.

Follow along as we cover:

  1. Overview of Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping
  2. How to drive traffic to your Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping (i.e. how to use posts to drive traffic, get featured in Shop tabs, and how to use ads to promote Shops products)
  3. How to convert traffic on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping
  4. How to get started (i.e. get started with 2-day shipping, and how to use Deliverr to fulfill your Facebook and Instagram orders)

Webinar FAQs

What is the cost to sell on Facebook or Instagram?

It’s completely free to get set up on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping, but there’s a 5% selling fee per shipment. More details here in Facebook’s article on that topic.

You have three checkout options (to messenger, in-app, and your website). If you have buyers checkout on your website, that fee won’t apply.

On the paid advertising side, outside of targeting audiences, is there any way to target folks looking for specific products?

You can target audiences (lookalike, custom, interest-based) based on the products that they are looking for. There is an audience targeting trick that you may find useful, though, outside of the lookalike, custom, interest-based qualities.

You could set up dynamic catalog sales ads which help you automatically show your website visitors the products they viewed on your website or related ones. The three goals you can set on these ads are 1) catalog sales, 2) app installs, or 3) lead generation.

More information is here on Facebook’s site on how to set these up.

Deliverr can support dynamic catalog or conversion ads — and we target zips that are within a 2-day or next-day radius of your buyers. Here are steps on how to set that up so you can reduce 50%+ of your CPA!

What happens if FB / IG rejected your products due to restricted categories, ie: Dietary Supplements, Pet Food? Is there a way to appeal or gain access for supplements?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Facebook allows supplements to be sold on Facebook Shops or Instagram shopping — take a look at policy #12.

See their breakdown of which type of supplements aren’t allowed.

However, feel free to contact Facebook’s live support for further discussion on appeals. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should be able to set up a chat with a Facebook specialist.

Can I sell products like engineering tools and house construction items?

Please take a look at Facebook’s prohibited items to see what products are acceptable.

Can our FB/IG Shops feed be coordinated with Deliverr with free 2-day delivery to communicate that to the customer to drive higher engagement?

Yes, take a look at the step-by-step instructions in the webinar recording above. The way that Deliverr communicates with Facebook is through a middleman, whether or not that is an integration such as ChannelAdvisor or Zentail, or a shopping cart such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

Your configuration may look like: Deliverr > Shopify / BigCommerce > Facebook

Or, if you don’t see your integration: Deliverr > integration that connects to Shopify / BigCommerce > S/BC > Facebook

Look at Facebook’s article here for a better reference.

You may also want to reach out to your listing tool or integration and ask them what is the easiest way to connect to FB if they’re not listed in the article.

What if you are connecting from WooCommerce instead of Shopify?

It appears as though you can. You will install a “Facebook for WooCommerce” plugin on your Shopify website, and activate the plugin. Then follow the steps under Marketing > Connection.

1. See the step-by-step instructions here to add the plugin.

2. Then try these steps within your Facebook Business Commerce Manager.

We recommend reaching out to WooCommerce while you do this to ensure that the steps are being followed correctly.

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