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How to optimize your checkout for conversions

Your checkout experience contributes a lot to your buyer experience. It’s the last interaction they have with you before actually receiving your product, and as psychology tells us, first and last impressions count.

The primacy and recency effect dictates that people put more emphasis on their first and last impressions. The first impression sets the stage for you to wow your customers, such as with a well-timed video ad, or a viral social media post that made someone laugh. The last impression is what they take home, and what they remember when telling others about your brand. Until your customers receive your product, that last impression is your checkout experience.

This step of the buying process is so important that Amazon patented their 1-click checkout experience. That patent expired in 2017, which opened the gates to other merchants boosting their buyer experience with the same seamless checkout.

Today, multiple stores use single click checkouts and see great results. It shortens the time from interest to purchase, and encourages a seamless transaction.

In this article, we’ll share four amazing tools to help you optimize your checkout for more conversions and an easier buyer experience.

How to improve your checkout experience

Allow shoppers to check out without logging in

Having shoppers create accounts with you can be good for retention and to capture contact details, but when you force them into it, your conversion suffers. Baymard found that 34% of shoppers abandoned their cart instead of proceeding with their purchase, because there were no guest checkout options.

Make your cart button and checkout prominent

No one wants to spend time filling their cart only to have to hunt around to review their selection. Make it easy to find your cart without interrupting your browsing flow, and from within your cart, make it easy to checkout with a prominent CTA.

Keep it easy to adjust items in the cart

You should include a function within your cart that allows shoppers to change the quantities they want, without going back to the product page or having to delete the item completely and then re-add them. This makes it easier for shoppers to change their mind and adjust their orders.

Install heatmaps to gauge user behavior

Add heatmaps and user behavior monitoring tools so you can see how shoppers interact with their cart. Look at where dropoffs happen, any elements that could be confusing your shoppers, and the elements that get used the most (for example, if you have two paths to checkout).

4 Top checkout apps to test on your store

1) Bolt

Bolt replaces your checkout with their own, lightning fast checkout portal that is secure and convenient for your shoppers. Instead of redirecting shoppers to another website to complete their checkout, they can finish their purchase right from within your store. It only takes one click to complete their purchase, and Bolt has seen a 60% conversion rate boost thanks to this faster way to pay.


Some of the biggest benefits of Bolt’s one-click checkout are:

  • Registration across Bolt’s network – A shopper only has to sign up once, and Bolt can remember their information to make every subsequent purchase that much faster.
  • Payment and platform agnostic – Bolt works no matter where you sell and however you want to accept payments.
  • More data security – Bolt will handle payment data to ensure network security.

2) Fast

Fast provides one-click checkouts that allow shoppers to make purchases without signing up, inputting any passwords, or filling out long forms. A Fast checkout experience saves your buyers time by skipping registration and jumping straight to purchase.


Some of the top seller benefits of Fast include:

  • Zero fraud guarantee – Fast ensures you don’t have to worry about fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Instant payouts – Fast sends your funds within 30 minutes of purchase.
  • High focus on security – Fast has a dedicated team of data safety and privacy experts to ensure high security and encryption.

3) SpurIT One-Click Checkout

SpurIT’s one-click checkout is a Shopify app that makes the checkout and shopping process more transparent and easy for your shoppers. You can show items as they get added to carts in a pop-up, and combine the “Buy Now” button with your “Add to Cart” to create a smoother purchasing process.


The main benefits of using SpurIT’s app include:

  • Fully customizable pop-up design – Allow shoppers to check out right in a pop-up that you can design according to your brand.
  • Single-page checkout – Allow customers to review their cart and check out all from a single page.
  • Adjust cart from within pop-ups – Give customers the ability to remove or adjust order quantities inside the pop-up.

4) has a slightly different model than the other apps on this list, which all focus on speed and the minimization of steps in the checkout process. highlights connectivity between different payment services and multiple methods.


  • Wide range of payment methods – Accepts 150 currencies and processes payments in almost 50 countries.
  • Fraud protection and detection – Tools to fight fraud and stay ahead of changing regulations, with their 3DS2 solution taking care of payment compliance.
  • Instant insights into buyer behavior – Get a detailed view of your transactions to discover opportunities and fix problems quickly.

Wrapping up – Optimize your checkout for speed and convenience

In the world of ever-increasing impatience, speed is the name of the game. This is true for fulfillment, page loading times, and every step of the buyer experience. Having a fast, seamless, and convenient checkout process for all your shoppers will help you boost your conversion rates and leave a good impression as they wait for their items to arrive.

Test out some of the tools we mention above to discover what works best for your store, whether that’s a one-click checkout or the addition of more payment methods. Measure your conversions and use heatmaps to watch how shoppers interact with your shopping carts, and then continue optimizing from there.

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