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Fast shipping program requirements for Amazon, Walmart and eBay

Fast shipping is eCommerce’s newest, biggest hack to boost sales. This week, let’s take a deeper look at the fast shipping program requirements for Amazon, Walmart and eBay- including the eligibility requirements for fulfilling fast shipping orders in-house.

Fast shipping overview

You can’t turn a corner on the Internet without someone talking about the importance of fast shipping for your eCommerce store. But what exactly do we mean by “fast shipping”?

What is fast shipping?

Today, fast shipping means delivering orders from the buy button to your customer’s front door within three days or fewer. This can be achieved in-house or by using an outsourced fulfillment partner.

What are fast shipping programs?

Fast shipping programs guarantee customers fast shipping and are offered by all of the big online marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart and eBay.  Sellers who gain exclusive access to these fast shipping programs receive fast shipping tags, preferential search result ranking, and a better chance of winning the buy box – all resulting in increased customer numbers and conversions.

See how Kids N’ Such tripled their sales with Walmart Free 2-Day.

Even better, the restrictive days of needing to use the online marketplace’s own fulfillment service to qualify are over. Online sellers can now become eligible for fast shipping programs by fulfilling orders themselves or by outsourcing to a fulfillment service.

Amazon Prime

From as little as $4.92 per month, Amazon Prime subscribers get unlimited and free two-day shipping, along with plenty of other benefits. As an Amazon Prime seller, you can receive an Amazon Prime badge, inclusion in Prime-filtered search results, preferential search ranking, and an increased chance of winning the buy box. There are two ways to become eligible for Amazon Prime:

SFP requirements

Seller Fulfilled Prime sellers qualify for Prime by fulfilling premium shipping orders in-house or using an SFP fulfillment partner (such as Deliverr).

Once you’re accepted onto the SFP trial through Seller Central, you must achieve the following to pass and win your Amazon Prime badge:

  • A 99% on-time shipping rate
  • A 98.5% use of Amazon Buy Shipping Services
  • A 0.5% or less cancellation rate
  • Adding tracking IDs on 94% of orders
  • A 4.5+ feedback rating over a rolling 30 days
  • Impeccable delivery and customer service standards

Alternatively, after you’re accepted into SFP, you can use Deliverr to fulfill those orders and manage your SLAs.

FBA requirements

Sellers can also use Amazon’s own fulfillment service, Fulfillment by Amazon, to automatically qualify for Amazon Prime,

  • Contact Amazon about any products requiring approval
  • Do not sell FBA prohibited, expiration-dated, meltable or dangerous products
  • Configure your eCommerce website for multi-channel FBA (if applicable)

Bonus tip: once you’ve qualified for Amazon Prime, check out these top strategies for perfecting Amazon Prime

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Walmart’s free and unlimited fast shipping program guarantees customer deliveries within two days, while offering sellers a fast shipping tag, increased search ranking, and buy box eligibility. There are two options for becoming Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping eligible:

Seller-fulfilled requirements

Since October 2018, all Walmart sellers can qualify for free 2-day shipping, fulfilling orders themselves. To do so, you must have a generous returns policy, have fulfilled at least 100 orders in the past 30 days, have been a Walmart Marketplace seller for more than 90 days, and maintain:

  • On-time shipping rates above 95%
  • On-time delivery rates above 95%
  • Valid tracking rates above 95%
  • Cancellation rates less than 1.5%

Deliverr-fulfilled requirements

As an official fulfillment partner, Deliverr customers automatically qualify for Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, as well as benefiting from a new Walmart fulfillment price decrease. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Connect your Walmart account
  • Ship your inventory to Deliverr
  • Switch on your fasts shipping tags
  • Get selling

eBay Fast ‘N Free

An extension of the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program, Free ‘N Fast shoppers receive free deliveries within four days, while sellers receive a Free ‘N Fast shipping tag and filtered search result placement. To qualify, you must fulfill orders in-house or using an outsourced fulfillment provider:

Seller-fulfilled requirements

eBay Store Subscribers processing more than 100 transactions per year can qualify if they hold:

  • A minimum 97% on-time handling rate
  • A minimum 95% on-time tracking upload

In addition, you must offer:

  • Free deliveries in four days or less, within the 48 contiguous US states
  • Shipment with USPS or UPS

Outsourced-fulfilled requirements

If you’re a Deliverr seller, you can automatically qualify for eBay Free ‘N Fast in just a few steps.

  • Sign up
  • Connect your eBay account
  • Ship your inventory to Deliverr
  • Turn on your fasts shipping tags
  • Start selling

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