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5 tips to get more views for your Walmart Marketplace listing

This is a guest post from Abhishek Jaiswal. Abhishek is the co-founder and director of CedCommerce, a multi-channel eCommerce solution that enables sellers across different frameworks (Shopify, Magento, Woocommere, Bigcommerce) to connect their online store with the leading marketplaces.

In a Feedvisor study among Amazon sellers, Walmart is the top choice for the next marketplace sellers want to expand to. This is thanks to Walmart’s smart eCommerce strategy, from its acquisition of Jet and to hiring Marc Lore as CEO.

Walmart has identified faster product delivery as its next target for improvement and opportunity. At this year’s Shop Talk, Marc Lore discussed opening up 1000 pick-up locations by the end of the year and 100 metro markets for same-day delivery.

On that note, we have a few tips to help sellers get more views for their Walmart Marketplace listings.

1) Join the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program

The faster delivery promise is responsible for the massive success of Amazon Prime. In addition to millennial and other shoppers, this benefits procrastinators who always shop at the last minute and buyers who have sudden or surprise needs.

The gravity of 2-day shipping can be gauged by the fact that 2-Day Shipping items is the first filter to sort products. Therefore, joining Walmart’s 2-day shipping program boosts the visibility of your listings.

Partnering with Deliverr makes sense for Walmart Marketplace sellers, since they integrate directly with Walmart for seamless integration. In fact, all Deliverr sellers are pre-approved for Walmart 2-day shipping tags, thanks to high quality and performance.

2) Add holiday-related keywords to Title and Descriptions

As the festive seasons is just around the corner, it’s the time of the year where everyone gets involved in merrymaking and exchanging gifts. However, a large customer base doesn’t know exactly what to gift, so here is where you can score big.

Try entering relevant keywords in your title and descriptions to capture more views from holiday shoppers. Some examples can be “unique gifts for mom” or “useful gifts for dad.”

3) Add Additional Attributes

Mapping the categories of your products is an important step, as it enables you to get your products in the right places.

Though Category mapping lands your product in the right places, almost all of the sellers do it, so you need to do more to make your listings stand out. This is where additional attributes come in. Walmart’s additional attributes further define products and have all the features that a customer may use as a keyword in their research.

For Example, let’s analyze Madden NFL 19, Electronic Arts, PlayStation 4 by EA Sports.

The aforementioned item is listed under the Video Games subcategory of the electronic parent category.

Here, the seller – EA Sports – has listed the item with the detailed description that contains the gameplay style, player celebration style and also it invokes a pre-order action. It also has schemes for better play.

However, there is more to it. It might be possible that a seller has introduced all the relevant keywords in the description itself and the important ones in the Title; although utilizing the attributes option remains left.

The attribute option empowers sellers to enter more details, which is preferred by Walmart for Internal Search Rankings. Since the advance attributes work as an adjective to the product, they increase the search visibility.

4) Use a repricer

Sellers who win the buy box are positioned to get the most views for their listing. The most sales happen through the buy box irrespective of marketplace, so you should be continuously monitoring your competitor pricing.

CedCommerce has a Walmart Repricer that can help sellers win the buy box to maximize sales. Good repricers employ algorithms that dynamically evaluate and automatically adjust pricing for each product, so if the competitors have changed their prices, your repricer should catch it and reevaluate your own pricing.

5) Set promotional pricing

Walmart offers its sellers 2 types of sales methods:

  • Clearance
  • Reduced Price


This promotion type is most commonly used when you are clearing out inventory for a particular item by reducing its price. For example, an end of season sale or if you want to discontinue an item.

Also, if you win the buy box and your item has the clearance promotion applied to it, both your promotional price and comparison price are displayed.


Walmart states that this type of promotion can be used only if the price difference after discount is greater than $5 for products costing more than $100, or at least 5% if a product costs less than $100. This promotion type is most common with refurbished products.


Merely listing your products at Walmart is not enough, as it won’t receive the impressions it has the potential for. Sellers need to implement certain best practices to ensure that their listings receive maximum traffic.

A customer considers several factors to make a final purchase once they arrive at your listing, but it’s vital to follow our tips to help your listings get more traffic and impressions.

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