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How to get on eBay Deals

eBay began offering Daily Deals as part of the site’s format fairly early on, paving the way for other sites like Groupon. eBay daily and weekly deals are heavily discounted products with a “Buy It Now” price, ranging anywhere from 20-90% off the recommended list price with free shipping included.

In exchange for these discounts, sellers are featured on the dedicated eBay Deals page, sometimes on the home page, and many products go to the top of generic search on the site. This can greatly increase sales and exposure for sellers, but with no published information on how to get on eBay Deals, many sellers don’t know how to get featured.

However, qualifying for eBay Deals isn’t as simple as using an algorithm or discounting products enough. Deals is a select program that only a few high-volume sellers qualify for.


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What Are eBay Deals and How Do they Work?

While many similar programs are based on algorithms such as lowest price and fastest shipping for sellers with certain account health, eBay deals are invite-only. According to Channel Advisor, only select approved sellers are eligible to get on eBay Deals (weekly and daily).

If your account meets certain qualifications, you can discuss joining eBay Deals with your account representative. For certain countries, such as Australia, you can submit your deals to be reviewed by a team. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this is an option for American sellers.

  • eBay Deals sellers are Top Rated Sellers that have access to plenty of inventory, so they can support demand that can exceed several thousand products in one day.
  • eBay Deals are often seasonal, trending products, or standard necessities. Think duvets in the autumn or kitchen sets.
  • eBay negotiates Daily Deals individually, including the total volume of available products, total cost including shipping, etc.

In addition to being featured on the eBay Deals page, most eBay Deals products go to the top of generic product search. However, the search results improvement does not typically last longer than the deal.

Another thing to note is that the program focuses on enterprise-level sellers. Most eBay Deals accounts are outlets, factory retailers, and high-level accounts which have a proven track record of selling thousands of products per day.

eBay Daily Deals vs Weekly Deals

eBay publishes four new deals every day at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. They publish an undisclosed amount of additional deals throughout the day depending on original product availability and other factors. These deals remain online for 24 hours or until sold out.

Weekly deals are published at an undisclosed rate and remain for the week or until sold out.

How to Qualify Your Account for eBay Deals

Getting on eBay deals can help increase reviews, sales velocity, and move unwanted inventory out of your warehouse. However, eBay’s policies make it difficult to qualify for the program, since most featured products are listed by Top Rated Sellers.

Become an eBay Top Rated Seller

eBay’s Top-Rated Seller program replaced their Enterprise and Power Seller programs in the United States using a simple algorithm centered around both sales and account health. Your seller level is assessed and adjusted on the 20th of each month based on sales, ratings, and other factors such as your order defect rate.

The primary considerations are:

  • Your account must be 90 days old or older
  • You must have processed 100+ transactions valued at $1,000+ in the previous 12 months or 400 transactions in the previous 90 days depending on lookback period.
  • Meet a maximum transaction defect rate of 0.5% with a maximum of 3 unique buyers affected
  • Meet a maximum of 0.3% of cases closed without seller resolution with a minimum of 2 transactions effected
  • Meet a maximum of 3% total late transactions affecting a maximum of 6 transactions
  • Same to 1-day business handling
  • 30-Day + Return Period

Your lookback period is also important. If you’ve made fewer than 400 sales in the preceding 3 months, eBay will use your total sales and reviews over the preceding 12 months. If you’ve made more, they will use the past 90 days. Check further eBay requirements here.

Keep Sales Up

While the biggest factor in being selected for eBay Deals seems to be your ability to provide free shipping and a discount of at least 20% on a large volume of products, all sellers also maintain a high level of sales.

For example, if you were to click on any eBay Deal, you’d be hard pressed to find any sellers with fewer than 10,000 reviews (the lowest we found was 11,008). eBay doesn’t publish this metric, but since some eBay Deals products sell more than 3,000 in a 24-hour period, it makes sense the company wants proof you can handle a spike in sales and continue to deliver a consistent and positive experience.

Manage Account Metrics

eBay doesn’t publish the specific requirements to be an eBay Deals seller, but all sellers have a few things in common. Feedback is always at 97% or higher, Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) tend to be 4.6/5 in each category or higher, and must meet the Top-Rated Seller qualifications.

Discount Products

eBay uses Daily and Weekly Deals to promote low-priced products with free shipping to millions of people across networks like Facebook. To qualify, you’ll have to be able to offer a high quantity of products (typically anywhere from a few hundred to 3,000 +) at a 20-90% discount from recommended list price, taking the average sale price into account.

Since eBay negotiates eBay Deals on an individual basis, you’ll be able to determine how much you want to discount the product, how many you can sell at that price, and quantity that one customer can buy (most are limited to 5 or fewer per customer).

Ship and Deliver Quickly

eBay’s Top Rated and Top Rated Plus Programs require same or 1-day business handling for products. Cost-effective next-day fulfillment requires careful optimization to ensure you protect your margins. You should have a bird’s eye view of inventory, pipeline, lead times, reorder points, all on top of an efficient pick and pack operation.

For most, the best practice should be to work smarter not harder here, to avoid out-of-hand costs and having to add temporary employees to meet sudden increases in demand.


eBay Guaranteed Delivery can help you boost customer satisfaction, your account metrics, and conversions. Here’s how to enroll


Outsourcing some or all of your fulfillment operation to third-party logistics will enable you to meet the order processing and shipping requirements to get on eBay Deals.

How Deliverr can fulfill eBay orders seamlessly

If you want to improve your seller rating on eBay via faster and cheaper fulfillment, Deliverr can help. We’re pre-integrated into eBay’s fast shipping program, Guaranteed Delivery, offer rates competitive with FBA, and can get you set up in a matter of minutes.

Our easy onboarding means you can start fulfilling your eBay orders quickly in just a few clicks. Once we receive your inventory, we will sync with your sales channels so that orders automatically start flowing in.

With Deliverr, fulfillment shouldn’t be something you constantly have to worry about. It just works. Much like how Fulfillment by Amazon integrates seamlessly with Amazon Prime, Deliverr integrates with eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Bonus: Reaching out to eBay

Finally, eBay’s Daily and Weekly Deals are invite-only programs, which means you will need to contact eBay to be considered. They are one of the notoriously difficult marketplaces to contact, but the Consumerist has a list of contact options gathered from around the web.

Overall, getting on eBay Deals is a great way to boost sales and get those conversion rates up. eBay Deals products are meant to sell; they are tried-and-true basics, trends, seasonal, or other popular items. When you find the intersection between a product that you can sell and ship in high quantities, and one that will help eBay hit sales targets, you’ll have a great formula for an eBay Deal.

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