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The all-in-one guide to eBay Guaranteed Delivery

With new features and product launches every year, the landscape of the online eCommerce market is becoming more and more dynamic. As a result, it often becomes difficult for the sellers to keep up with the pace. From the basics like how to sell on eBay to increasing your conversion metrics and sales, there are long paths of hard work sellers must take. However, they can be effectively shortened by using certain features from eCommerce platforms. One such feature is eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) is a great tool to increase your product visibility and get items in front of potential customers. Opting into Guaranteed Delivery keeps your items eligible when customers filter for results based on shipping time. In eBay’s massive marketplace, sellers must jump on any competitive edge.

eBay 3-day delivery | The easiest way to get on eBay Guaranteed Delivery

The challenges of eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Although subscribing for eBay guaranteed delivery can help sellers provide a better service and increase conversions on their eBay store, it can also create a number of challenges, especially when it comes to shipping.

Having to use multiple warehouses to meet demand on time further complicates your rate tables, and it could be months before you can tell if you’ve made a profit or not.

Fortunately for sellers, there is a simple, straightforward way to get on eBay Guaranteed Delivery. First, we’ll go over the steps to get on eGD, and then share the easiest way to succeed on eGD.

How to opt for eBay Guaranteed delivery

Step 1: Opt-in by heading over to the eBay Guaranteed Delivery page (or any eBay page) and clicking on your account in the top left-hand corner.

Step 2: From the drop down menu, select “account settings.” Next, click on “site preferences” in the menu on the left-hand side.

Getting on eGD

Step 3: Scroll down to “eBay guaranteed delivery setting” and click edit. If you can’t find it in your settings, you probably don’t qualify for eGD right now.

You’ll see two options; handling time and door-to-door.

We recommend door-to-door, since it can save costs when done well. This option is best for large businesses with high order volumes.

eGD options

Step 4: Select the one that’s right for your business and hit “continue.” Depending on which option you picked, eBay will walk you through the steps you need to take to get your products listed on eBay online.

You can set up product listings in three ways.

  • Bulk listings: Select a lot of listings at the same time
  • Business policies: Update your payment, returns and shipping policies
  • Single listing: Edit one listing at a time

To set up the handling option, you just need to select a handling time of 1 day or less. Setting up the door-to-door option is a little bit more complicated but it’s perfect for larger businesses.

eBay rate table example
An example of what an eBay rate table looks like

To start, you need to create a rate table. A rate table is a way to set your shipping costs based on regions so buyers can get an accurate idea of how long it would take to get that item they ordered delivered straight to their doorstep. Once your rate table is ready to go, set up your product listings in the three ways we discussed above.


Learn more about eBay Guaranteed Delivery and how it can improve your sales


4 essential requirements to qualify for eBay Guaranteed delivery

In order to qualify for the guaranteed delivery program and then selling on eBay, you need to:

  1. Have a high performance score
  2. Use an eligible delivery service or use a 3PL that does
  3. Accept returns
  4. Require immediate payment

The advantages of opting for eBay Guaranteed Delivery

eBay Guaranteed Delivery gives you a competitive advantage over the competition. A simple search query could return hundreds of thousands of search results, pitting your listings against fierce competition. When buyers group similar listings together, that decreases your visibility even further unless you show up in the buy box.

Getting on eBay Guaranteed Delivery means you’ll show up when buyers filter for fast shipping, and there will be less competition among the sellers in those search results.

Beyond that, you gain a competitive advantage because you can prepare your fulfillment process to delivery quickly across platforms. If you can get on eBay Guaranteed Delivery, you can apply your processes to get on other fast shipping programs, get those fast shipping tags, and increase sales.

The easiest way to get on eBay Guaranteed Delivery

The most straightforward way to get on eGD is to use a FBA-like fulfillment service that can guarantee delivery dates on behalf of your brand.

Use Deliverr to get on eGD

Here are 3 ways Deliverr eliminates headaches for sellers who want to succeed on eGD.

  • Deliverr automatically manages and creates rate tables, so that buyers see accurate delivery dates based on where the inventory is.
  • Deliverr ensures all orders meet the promised delivery date, and also tracking numbers are updated in time for complete clarity all around.
  • Deliverr complies with special branding and shipping requirements, at a price that helps keep your margins healthy.

Services like Deliverr ensure your packages ship to your customers within a certain shipping time frame, and keeps all of your marketplaces (like eBay) systems synced up. For example, when eGD requires regular updates based on where your packages are, Deliverr will be able to sync up with your listing software to update the entire system and prevent penalties.

Being on eBay Guaranteed Delivery gives your eCommerce business the competitive edge you need to stay ahead and drive conversions. However, it comes with unique challenges, and if poorly managed can eat into your profits. Make sure you choose a shipping and handling partner you can trust, that has experience with eGD, and watch your business soar.

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