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How Hey Dude Shoes reduced Facebook ad CPA by adding fast shipping tags to their ads

Hey Dude Shoes provides lightweight, comfortable, stylish and affordable footware for men, women, and children. They emerged in 2008 because they wanted this to be the standard for footware, not the exception.

They use Deliverr to fulfill orders on their Shopify store with 2-day nationwide delivery, as well as get fast tags on their social media ads. We spoke with Hey Dude Shoes Digital Marketing Manager Steven Yu to learn about the effects of fast delivery on their CPA and conversion rate.

How did Hey Dude discover Deliverr?

Hey Dude Shoes found Deliverr while exploring different fulfillment partners to free up inventory space and handle shipping. Steven noticed Deliverr offered nationwide 2-day delivery, and realized it would improve their customer experience and give them more advertising leverage.

How to use 2-day delivery across your website

“We decided to see Deliverr’s capability of fulfilling our orders, along with what the 2-day delivery message would look like.” – Steven Yu

Steven went to work implementing 2-day delivery messaging across their Shopify website, highlighting their new delivery speeds on their homepage and product pages.

Thanks to their partnership with Deliverr, they were able to get inventory widespread and achieve NextDay delivery for their best sellers.

Using fast shipping to boost ad efficiency

Steven was also curious about the impact of the 2-day delivery on their cost per conversion across their marketing channels.

“We decided to try out the FB ads feature and A/B test how the messaging would perform, since I felt that offering a better customer experience and matching Amazon’s 2-day free shipping offer would be effective in increasing our ROAS on ad spend.” – Steven Yu

2-day delivery ads

Next day delivery ads

Results: Higher click-through rate and lower cost per acquisition

“There was an 11% decrease in CPA  and 13% decrease in CPC when comparing 2 day shipping ads to our control ads without any 2 day shipping messaging. This allowed us to utilize our budget better, as the 2 day messaging increased our CTR and lower our CPA.” – Steven Yu

How to get 2-day delivery on your ads

Hey Dude Shoes achieved nationwide 2-day delivery by partnering with Deliverr. eCommerce sellers of all sizes have done the same, and seen their ad spend decrease by adding the fast shipping promise.

Learn more about how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads with 2-day tags with Deliverr.

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