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How Deliverr used Shippo to streamline its logistics network


Shippo offers reliable, best-in-class shipping infrastructure without the upkeep. Shippo’s easy-to-use and customizable API standardizes carrier processes and streamlines shipping for powerful logistics providers such as Deliverr.

“2020 was a successful year for eCommerce, despite an overall volatile atmosphere. In 2021, we want to offer an unparalleled buyer experience for our eCommerce merchants, and allow them to delight their customers with seamless fast shipping. We focused on 2-day delivery in 2020, and it’s only getting faster as we move to next day and even same-day delivery in 2021.” – Michael Krakaris, Deliverr co-founder

With that growth, it became necessary to build strong support systems for more volume, carriers, and service levels across their business.

In order to achieve speeds like 2-day and next-day delivery, the Deliverr network is built to maximize efficiency. We allocate inventory as close as possible to predicted demand, using historic purchase data to guide their placements. We also needed shipping labels to be generated immediately after purchase to keep up with our fast process.

Here at Deliverr we needed shipping labels to be available instantly, but building and maintaining in-house shipping technology would have taken time and money. Instead of hiring and expanding our engineering team, and adding another layer of complexity to our already-optimized tech stack, we looked for a reliable and scalable API partner to meet our needs.

We discovered Shippo, and decided to use them to gain complete control and insight into the full shipping process. Shippo was the stand-out choice when it came to speed, scalability, and reliability for creating shipping labels.

“Part of our mission is to enable our merchants to offer unparalleled buying experience, and Shippo has been an excellent partner to help us achieve this. We selected them because of their speed, scalability, and reliability for creating shipping labels. Working with Shippo has helped us optimize shipping rates.” – Michael Krakaris (Co-Founder)

We added Shippo to our custom order and inventory management system, and can now easily compare carrier rates, automate label creation for our warehouses, validate addresses, and schedule item pickups.

Optimizing shipping rates across the board

Thanks to our Shippo integration, we are now able to connect with each shipping carrier through a single API. We use this to pull different rates, service levels, and appropriate shipping labels for each item. This results in optimized costs and speed for both Deliverr and the merchants that work with us.

We no longer need to manually pull data from various different sources to select the best rates and fastest options or maintain a shipping backend with their own engineering team. This has freed up our time to better develop our own intelligent placement algorithm to speed up our fulfillment times even further.


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