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How to qualify for Wish Express

Did you know that Wish has a program to promote products that ship quickly? It’s called Wish Express, a shipping program that offers express shipping to online shoppers, much like Amazon Prime and Walmart 2-day delivery.

Customers buying Wish Express products receive their items within five days, with no minimum spend or monthly membership required. Merchants that provide rapid shipping qualify automatically—no signup required.

When your products qualify for Wish Express, they’ll receive exclusive tags, badges, and placement within the Wish app and on Merchants participating in the Wish Express program receive more impressions on average, as well as placement in Wish Express marketing channels, such as emails and in-app notifications.

Wish Express products may also be eligible for a lower commission rate, faster payments, and exclusive promotions by Wish.

How to qualify for Wish Express

There are two main criteria you must meet to qualify for Wish Express*:

*Wish Express isn’t a fulfillment program—merchants must fulfill their own orders via a Wish-accepted carrier while meeting time-to-door (TTD) requirements. Read more here.

How to get started with Wish Express

To get started with Wish Express, follow these simple steps:

  1. Designate destinations where you’d like to sell
  2. Upload products to Wish “warehouses”
  3. Set “max delivery days” that meet Wish Express TTD (Time To Door) deadlines
  4. Ship orders via Wish Accepted Carriers
  5. Ensure delivery within the appropriate number of max delivery days

Have questions? Talk to your Wish Account Manager, or reach out to Wish’s merchant customer service.


This is a guest post in partnership with Wish. Wish is a high-growth mobile-first online marketplace that allows shoppers to browse and buy items from third-party sellers. For more information, visit our integrations page.

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