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How videos affect eCommerce conversion rates

Video killed the radio star, but it actually might be eCommerce’s best friend!

Consumers love video content. It’s more engaging, easier to digest, informative, and a huge conversion driver. Research shows product pages with videos result in a 340% increase in viewing time and 85% increase in conversions.

But, before you fix your stage makeup and take out the director’s chair, it’s important you understand why and how video affects eCommerce conversion rates so you can shoot the perfect content for your store.

How videos affect eCommerce conversion rates

On your own store

Adding video content to your eCommerce website is a smart move because it can support the entire customer flow and lead shoppers to and through the checkout. How?

1. Video captures attention

Humans have short attention spans, and video is perfect for capturing them. First, the motion of a video immediately attracts visual attention, then the ease of consumption attracts the brain’s attention.

Video content is easy to consume because it combines audio and visual senses, allowing the brain to process information 60,000 times faster than text.

2. Video engages attention

Video content doesn’t just capture attention; it engages it. Videos create a narrative, evoke emotions, and drive actions that sustain attention. The longer a customer watches a video, the more they learn about your products, connect with your brand, and move down the purchasing funnel. But that’s not all.

People spend 88% longer on a website with video. Video content increases session length and reduces bounce rates which, you’ve guessed it, improve SEO.

3. Video creates trust

Building trust is one of the hardest yet most crucial things to do when selling online. 97% of video marketers report that video increases user understanding of a product and your brand.

With video, you can provide a more realistic view of your product, talk about your brand, show your face, and provide helpful guidance that demonstrates expertise and builds consumer trust.

4. Video drives action

Importantly, video is a powerful tool for driving action. How many times have you watched a commercial and donated to a charity, bought a product, cleared your Friday evening for a new series, or ordered a pizza?

The “add-to-cart” conversion rate increases on average by 37% when product videos are added to product detail pages. Videos create different emotions (happiness, excitement, intrigue, sadness, confidence, etc.) that drive customers to the next stage of the purchase journey.

5. Video retains customers

And finally, video can retain customers. Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video, compared to 10% when reading. This means customers remember your store following cart abandonment (making them more likely to return) or remembers the positive customer experience following the buy button (making them more likely to return).

For your online marketplace

But hold on a second. Video content isn’t just great at converting customers on your website; it’s perfect for driving conversions on your marketplace store, too.

1. Video content increases visibility

Video helps you stand out on crowded marketplaces. For example, enhanced content on Walmart allows you to integrate different videos into your Walmart listings, making your products more visible and boosting conversions by 10-20%.

2. Video content differentiates your products

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar products sold on online marketplaces. Video content differentiates your products to make shoppers more likely to choose yours. For example, videos that provide customers with a clearer view of the product, answer commonly asked questions and show the product in use give customers a better understanding that helps them make an informed purchasing decision and feel more favorably towards your brand.

3. Video caters to mobile users

Did you know Amazon has 150.6 million app users? Mobile marketplace shoppers are catching up on desktop users, but mobile users don’t interact with the Internet in the same way. Research and studies have long shown that mobile users prefer video (more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices). Video content on your listings caters to user preference and positions your brand well for the future of mCommerce.

4. Video drives the flywheel effect

Video content helps drive the flywheel effect of selling on online marketplaces. It’s proven to increase sales, which generates positive reviews and increases SEO, which attracts more shoppers to your video-driven listings and so on.

The different videos that affect eCommerce conversions rates

Are you converted yet, because we are! But what are the best videos for driving eCommerce conversion rates? Well, you have six main types to choose from:

  1. Product videos that show your product in more detail or being used
  2. Explainer videos that educate customers on topics relating to your product (e.g. a smoothie recipe for the blenders you sell)
  3. Product demonstrations that provide a person-led overview of the product and features
  4. Brand awareness videos that tell your brand’s story or introduce the team
  5. Advertisements that appeal to your customer’s primary purchase motivators and product needs
  6. Customer videos of them unboxing, using, or reviewing a product.

For example, a health and beauty brand might have:

  • A 1-minute video that tells their brand’s story
  • A 30-second video that shows a model wearing a specific lipstick shade
  • A 5-minute video showing a morning to night make-up routine
  • A 30-minute Q&A with a celebrity makeup artist.

There are many ways to incorporate video content into your eCommerce website, but there’s only one way to shoot it: professionally. Fundamentally, any video or animated content you use must be high-quality and professional. If you’ve dabbled in video creation and editing and can do this yourself, great. If not, seek a professional video content agency or freelancer to help.

Wrapping up

The message and statistics are clear; videos increase product purchases by 144% by capturing attention, engaging interest, fostering trust, and driving customers to the checkout. And this applies to both your eCommerce website and marketplace store.

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