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4 Ways To Improve Amazon Sales Rank

This is a guest post from Michael Folling. Michael is the founder of Limitless Designs and author of 101 eCommerce Tips. He enjoys building brands and writing about eCommerce. Follow him on Twitter to chat about eCommerce.

Whether you were shopping or selling products on Amazon, you may have come across their Amazon Sales Rank metric. If you’ve ever wondered what Amazon Sales Rank is, you’re not alone.

As an Amazon Seller, it’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing features and functionality of Amazon’s marketplace. To help you stay competitive, I’m going to give dive into this mysterious ranking and explain why it’s an important metric for success.

In this blog post I’ll discuss:

  • What is Amazon Sales Rank
  • How Amazon calculates their Sales Rank
  • Why Amazon Sales Rank is important
  • How to improve Sales Rank for your products

Are you ready to learn all about Amazon Sales Rank? Keep reading to get started.

What is Amazon Sales rank?

Amazon Sales Rank, also known as Best Sellers Rank, is a ranking that Amazon gives to all of the products that are sold on their website.

A product will have a Sales Rank for its respective category and it can have a Sales Rank for multiple sub-categories as well.

In the example below you’ll notice that this bird feeder has a Sales Rank of 1,824 in the “Patio, Lawn & Garden” category and a Sales Rank of 25 in the “Wild Bird Feeder” category.

How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

Much like Google’s algorithm, the algorithm for determining Amazon Sales Rank is proprietary and therefore we will likely never know for sure what all the factors are that determine how Sales Rank is calculated.

However, it’s possible to get a pretty good idea of how it’s calculated by reverse engineering it, and this guide from Viral Launch is the best I’ve seen on understanding how Amazon calculates Sales Rank.

Essentially, Seller Rank is calculated by comparing the number of orders that a product has received in a given time period, though nobody is sure what that time period is.

One thing is certain though, Amazon places more weight on a product that has received orders recently. So if improving your Sales Rank is one of your goals you’ll want to be proactively marketing your product on Amazon so that you’re receiving orders daily.

Why Is Amazon Sales Rank Important?

Keeping track of your product’s Sales Rank is important because it helps you understand how it compares to your competitor’s products, and it’s often a good indicator of whether your competitors are selling more products than you.

Knowing this, you can analyze the listings of products with a higher Amazon Sales Rank to find opportunities to improve your listing.

More important than competitor analysis though, is the fact that Amazon Sales Rank is a strong indicator of social proof.

While we’ve always stressed the importance of earning positive reviews for your products, Amazon Sales Rank can be an additional data point that your target audience may use in their decision to choose your product over your competitor’s product.

For that reason, I recommend that you take the time to understand Amazon Sales Rank to help you become a better seller and stay competitive on Amazon’s platform.

How To Improve Amazon Sales Rank

Since the algorithm for Amazon Sales Rank is proprietary, it’s hard to provide actionable steps for improvement.

However, it is widely accepted that the number of sales your product receives and how often you receive them is a big factor in determining Amazon’s Sales Rank.

With that in mind, here are some best practices for growing your eCommerce sales on Amazon.

1) Keyword Research

Before listing your products on Amazon it’s important to get into the habit of doing keyword research.

Proper Amazon keyword research will give you a leg up on any of your competitors who don’t take the time to identify the keywords they want their products to rank for in Amazon’s search results.

Plus, considering that there are over 12 million products on Amazon, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd without doing your due diligence first.

2) Amazon Ads

Similar to Google, Amazon has its own advertising platform. With Amazon Ads, you can pay to have sponsored products that show more prominently throughout

Here’s an example of what Amazon’s website visitors see when they do a search for “bird feeders.” You’ll notice that the first 3 results have a “Sponsored” tag above their product details.

Paying to advertise your products so that you can get more visibility over your competition will lead to more sales and ultimately an improved Sales Rank.

An improved Sales Rank will result in more social proof, which will create a flywheel effect that will ultimately result in more sales for your eCommerce business.

3) Sales Copy

Whether you’re selling products on your own website or on a 3rd party website like Amazon, you always want to take the time to write good copy.

Besides the title or product name, the product description is most likely to be read by your potential customers. Therefore, I recommend that you pay special attention to the copy that you write for your product description.

Some brands use humor in their product descriptions to show off their personality, here’s an example from Chubbies where they say that their shirt pocket is “for corndogs.”

Pro Tip: During the keyword research process try to identify language that your target audience uses and include it in your sales copy so that it resonates with them.

4) Professional Product Images

Like the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In a sea of 12 million products, the product image is what stands out most in the search results.

For this reason, it’s important that you nail the product image to encourage Amazon’s visitors to click through to read your product description and see all of the awesome reviews you’ve received from past customers.

I recommend taking the photos yourself and using a photo editing service to give them a professional look.

Whatever you do, don’t use the same image that the manufacturer uses, because it’s likely that others are using the same image as well.

Pro Tip: Follow these best practices for taking and editing your product photos.


Taking the time to understand Amazon Sales Rank is a worthwhile investment if you want to stay competitive as an Amazon seller.

Over time you’ll begin to notice trends in the way your Amazon Sales Rank changes as you receive more sales, which will help you better understand how to improve your ranking.

To get started understanding Sales Rank follow the tips I’ve mentioned above and don’t forget to subscribe to the Deliverr YouTube channel for more actionable tips to grow your eCommerce business!

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