Deliverr powers nationwide fulfillment for KFC firelog on Walmart

Deliverr is working exclusively with Walmart to handle fulfillment for thousands of units of KFC’s hotly anticipated firelogs. This product is only available once a year, and sold out in less than 24 hours last season.

Meeting consumer demand over the holidays

Deliverr will be working to ensure nationwide order fulfillment in two days or less, so holiday homes get their KFC firelogs ASAP.

This holiday season, eCommerce merchants will compete for an estimated $135.35 billion in consumer spend. Fierce competition and high demand are two of the main reasons merchants are turning to fulfillment providers like Deliverr to add 2-day delivery tags to their listings and set them apart.

We’ve seen fast shipping improve visibility, win the buy box, and increase conversions for various Deliverr merchants.

Deliverr uses AI and machine learning to strategically place inventory close to demand, allowing for faster fulfillment and meeting the demands of impatient holiday shoppers.

Order your KFC Firelog

Currently, KFC Firelogs sell for $150 on auction on eBay, but retails for a fraction of that price.

On Walmart, the retail price of the firelog is $18.99, with free 2-day delivery!

Order yours today

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