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Prime Day 2022 is coming up fast: here’s how to prepare your inventory

Updated on June 21, 2022

Peak season is coming, are you prepared? Kicking us off is the highly-anticipated 48-hour event, Prime Day 2022. The first of the three biggest eCommerce retail holidays, Prime Day will be held on July 12 and 13, this year.

Prime Day 2021 generated a whopping $11B in sales as customers took advantage of deep discounts and steep deals. While there’s much excitement around the potential to one-up that record sales high, many merchants are scrambling to organize their inventory, especially in light of the marketplace’s recent announcement to automatically remove aging inventory.

With no time to waste, here’s how you can ensure the right products are in stock and ready to meet the influx of customer demand for Prime Day 2022 without the headache.

Transport excess inventory to storage

On top of worrying about automatic inventory removals ahead of Prime Day 2022, merchants are facing penalties in the form of low inventory performance index scores for having excess inventory. When your business falls below the minimum threshold score, storage limits are placed on your account until you can improve your inventory health (e.g., removing the excess inventory). It’s a lose-lose situation.

Proper inventory management skills are crucial. Just as important? Having excess inventory in storage to meet near-term customer demand during Prime Day (especially as 11% of shoppers encountered out-of-stock products during Prime Day in 2021). Don’t be forced to choose between the two.

Solution: Deliverr Reserve Storage

Be confident in your inventory planning for Prime Day 2022 with a unified storage solution. Deliverr Reserve Storage is built to help you plan and forecast confidently for everything from inventory to demand. Our vast network of cross-docks, fulfillment centers, and storage facilities delivers reliability and reassurance that your products are available to be quickly replenished and never go out of stock. That way you can focus on your bottom line—driving sales and satisfying customers.

Diagram of Deliverr Reserve Storage inventory flow
Unified storage to connect your inventory to your Prime Day 2022 demand.

Learn more about the benefits of Deliverr Reserve Storage

Want even fewer headaches during the upcoming Prime Day season? We’ve got you covered. In addition to storing your excess inventory, Deliverr Freight can transport that same inventory to our storage facilities and back to FBA to sell during Prime Day. Or let us know what slow-moving items you want to sell through and we can create virtual bundles.

Find a hassle-free, low-cost FBA Prep alternative

Amazon’s FBA prep services have extensive receiving requirements that increase your expenses before even sending products to the marketplace. Some examples include:

• Apparel on a hanger must have the hanger removed and be placed in a transparent poly bag to protect from damage or dust.

• Baby products must be placed in a transparent poly bag, have a suffocation warning, be in a secured bag (if not self-adhesive), and include a scannable barcode.

• Fragile/glass items must be placed in bubble wrap or a bubble bag with the box secured or taped, pass a drop test on a hard surface without breaking, and include a scannable barcode.

Keeping up with a laundry list of prep to-do’s is time-consuming and expensive when done on your own. And ensuring products are properly prepared ahead of Prime Day to avoid rejected inventory due to non-compliance can feel overwhelming.

Solution: Deliverr Prep services

Have peace of mind that your inventory will be sales-ready for Prime Day. Deliverr Prep provides FBA compliance expertise for any situation…

• Rejected inventory from another provider? Send to Deliverr for accuracy and quality assurance.

• First time sending inventory to FBA? Let Deliverr prep your products to make your life easier.

• Veteran FBA merchant? Send Deliverr your products that need prep to enjoy reduced pricing and standardization of your network.

…all to help you avoid lost sales cycles.

Learn how Deliverr can make your prep work hassle-free

Choose from a wide variety of standard services including FBA carton labeling, palletizing, and pallet labeling; as well as value-added services such as wiping down products, folding apparel, counting product inventory, applying SKU labeling, and more.

Be prepared for returns with a strategic partner

Studies show online purchases are at least 3x more likely to be returned than those purchased in-store. The average Amazon return rate is between 5 and 15%—fluctuating more or less following a Prime Day event as many purchase decisions are made on an impulse.

Amazon’s seller-fulfilled return policies are extensive and hard to adhere to when handling a large influx of returns. For example, the marketplace states that “you must respond to return requests that require manual authorization within 24 hours.”  These tight-grip rules are hard to follow when you have hundreds of return requests from a major shopping event like Prime Day. Having a strategic partner that integrates directly with your Amazon account to sync returns information will be a crucial alternative.

Solution: Deliverr Returns Management Tool

Don’t be among the 20% of retailers that can’t manage their returns efficiently and effectively. Deliverr’s Returns Management Tool will allow you to seamlessly integrate your Amazon returns information directly into your Deliverr Seller Portal account.

With this information, Deliverr can provide a quick inspection of the returned inventory to get it back in stock—all while using category-based SOP to provide transparent outcomes. Access key information, track the status of your customers’ returns, and get access to detailed reporting all in one place.

Talk to us about our returns options

Find a 3PL partner that can do it all

Want an all-in-one solution to take control of your inventory? In addition to our storage, freight, prep, and returns services, Deliverr can also fulfill your Prime Day orders.

With a vast network of more than 50 warehouses and best-in-class logistics technology, Deliverr helps you meet customer expectations with fast 1- and 2-day fulfillment. We directly integrate with popular eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon to manage the entire fulfillment process and offer maximum visibility.

Whatever you need for Prime Day 2022 preparation, we’ve got you covered.

Talk to us about your Prime Day needs


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