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How Princeton Popcorn Co. cut costs and increased sales by 150% with Deliverr

Learn how Deliverr helped turn a first-generation farmer’s dream into a successful DTC eCommerce business.

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About Princeton Popcorn Co.

Robert Ralph (aka ‘Farmer Bob’) began his company journey with a dream of becoming a farmer. While most farms are passed down from generation to generation, Bob had to start from scratch. He overcame obstacles to being a first-generation farmer, including several barriers to entry and high capital requirements. After much contemplation on what crop to grow, Farmer Bob landed on an unlikely choice: popcorn.

In order to sow the seeds (or in this case, kernels) of a successful business, Farmer Bob recognized the need to go seed-to-store. Thus, Princeton Popcorn Company was born.

A Hassle-free, fast fulfillment experience

As Princeton Popcorn Co. moved to a direct-to-consumer model, Bob acknowledged the need for fast and efficient fulfillment processes in order to keep customers satisfied. When fulfilling orders on its own, Princeton Popcorn found it couldn’t keep up with demand or rely on carriers to pick up items on time to meet delivery promises. The company was quickly growing after making its mark on Amazon but had a desire to expand to new markets, but needed a fulfillment partner to successfully do so. Princeton Popcorn Co. turned to Deliverr to take on the entire fulfillment process so that it could have support in areas they no longer had the bandwidth to take on, and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

“Deliverr really delivers when it comes to streamlining our shipping. It has enabled our small company to have the same tools as a giant company without having to pay for the infrastructure. They are our force multiplier.” 

– Robert Ralph, Founder of Princeton Popcorn Co.

Since Princeton Popcorn is a small business that has a large amount of low per-order revenue amounts, the company utilized Deliverr’s standard shipping option in order to lower their basic shipping charges. Though this is the best choice for their business, Deliverr’s enables 2-day and next-day delivery for even faster shipping.

Seeing fulfillment as a revenue-driver, not a cost center

In addition to making shipping hassle-free, Deliverr also provided Princeton Popcorn with the tools to function as a growing business. Using Deliverr to fulfill shipments offered the company a lower cost than shipping on their own, including handling the small details that add up quickly: the cost of shipping materials and the cost of labor to handle picking, packing, and shipping. 

Working with Deliverr also meant that Princeton Popcorn no longer needs to worry about recruiting or managing their own personnel for fulfillment, saving not only money, but time. Partnering with Deliverr to assist in handling fulfillment has allowed the company to significantly increase sales by 150% in 2021 and focus on other areas of growth. 

Deliverr can help other merchants like Princeton Popcorn Co. understand fulfillment costs so that it’s easier to compare fulfillment options, allowing you to choose a company that works with your product type, location, and budget.

At the end of the day, when a business relies on multiple companies for fulfillment, shipping costs are higher. (Not to mention, carrier rates are on the rise for 2022.) You save money (and time!) when you don’t need to worry about paying a company to pick up your items, another company to store them, and yet another to deliver them to the customer. 

Princeton Popcorn Co. recognized the convenience, affordability, and transparency of Deliverr’s fulfillment and has seen company growth ever since.

What’s next for Princeton Popcorn Co.

While Princeton Popcorn Co. currently only sells kernels, the company is looking to expand its product line with ready-to-eat popcorn this year. With pre-poppped, flavored, and packaged popcorn options, Princeton Popcorn wants to offer customers quick satisfaction—shortening the time from decision to delivery even more.

Why other merchants should turn to Deliverr for fulfillment

Using Deliverr for your company’s shipping needs will help your brand grow by providing you both time and confidence. The time you once spent maintaining fulfillment can instead be used to focus on other company needs. Trusting Deliverr to handle your shipping provides you the assurance that your products will get where they need to go safely and promptly, saving you labor costs and creating a positive customer experience.

You can save up to 40% on your total shipping expenses if you decide to partner with us. Check out our free Cost Calculator to see how much you could potentially be saving.

The takeaway

If your company is ready to switch fulfillment providers but are unsure of what to look for, a Deliverr team member is happy to help. You can also read our recommendations here on what to look for in a 3PL partner. 

Our goal at Deliverr to provide the tools your business–whether small or large–needs to create a seamless fulfillment experience. We want you to feel empowered, knowing that you have satisfied customers and in turn, have a profitable business.

If you’d like to achieve similar success to Princeton Popcorn Co., book a meeting with the Deliverr team today!

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