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Four reasons to use product bundling in your eCommerce strategy this peak season

‘Tis the peak planning season. If this year’s projections are anything like they were in 2021, most shoppers will begin purchasing gifts before the end of September (with some even starting as early as August). Couple this unpreparedness for eager early shoppers with an ongoing strained supply chain and it’s no wonder why some merchants are struggling to figure out a sound peak season strategy.

Don’t let poor planning or inventory delays affect your 2022 holiday sales. As the saying goes, sometimes you have to work with what you have, which means using existing inventory to your advantage. One “existing inventory” strategy to consider this season is product bundling. Bundling products that make for the perfect holiday gift will save you (and your customers) the unnecessary headache while ensuring a steady flow of online sales.

But first, what is product bundling anyway?

Many eCommerce merchants already encourage purchase add-ons by displaying complementary products at the bottom of a customer’s checkout page (e.g., “you may also like” or “often bought together” features). So why not combine them into a product bundle: a group of related items that are sold together as a single SKU at a discounted price?

One listing. Endless combinations. Satisfied customers. It’s that simple.

Four reasons to use product bundling

1. Increase sales and average order volumes

This one’s a no-brainer…your customers are exposed to more buying options when similar products are bundled together. When they’re exposed to additional items, they’re likely to buy more. When a discount is given, they’re likely to buy even more (we’ll talk more about this later).

Bundles are incredibly lucrative during the holiday shopping season as they offer shoppers the ability to easily purchase a complete gift set for an attractive price. Since products are listed under a single SKU, one click adds multiple items to their cart with zero effort—all while increasing your sales.

Amazon bundle featuring a single SKU for complementary items

Product bundles also extend average order volumes. For example, a holiday shopper interested in buying a skateboard as a gift may have forgotten that they also need to buy safety equipment such as knee pads and a helmet. Although these add-ons aren’t what they sought to purchase, bundling such complimentary items simplifies the customer’s shopping journey by building a gift set naturally.

2. Sell slow-moving inventory

Product bundling can also help sell old inventory that’s taking up warehouse or storage space by making it part of a valuable set. Have extra hydrating face masks lying around? Pair them with a facial roller and moisturizer. Last season’s color-way of sheets wasn’t as popular as you thought? Bring them together with that fancy, newly-released duvet that’s all the rage. Bundling slow movers with items that are in high demand ensures a healthy balance of inventory levels post-peak.

3. Create a customizable gifting experience

If personalization is your priority, you don’t have to limit customers to choose bundles pre-made by your company. What you think might sell isn’t always a hit (going back to point number two).

Create a DIY approach to bundling by allowing customers to mix and match items from a limited list set by you. This helps create a larger sale and appeals to shoppers buying for a very specific person on their list. This type of bundling lends itself especially well for merchants in the beauty, electronics/gaming, and apparel categories. Customizable subscription gift sets offered at different price points are also a great way to take the guesswork out of the shopping experience.

4. Increase product awareness and offer incentives

As a merchant, you know the best part about holiday gift-giving is it allows consumers to try a new product they wouldn’t typically purchase themselves. What better way to do this than bundling products together?

Take Best Self Co. for example; its bundles combine a popular productivity planner and a self-journal among other products so customers can track their personal goals. While it’s not necessary to use one in tandem with the other, when gifted in a bundle, customers have the chance to see how well they work together.

Product listing from Best Self Co's website featuring a planner, notebook, and more for a percentage discount
Best Self Co. product bundle with discount incentive.

Moreover, the brand offers an incentive of a percentage off when shoppers bundle items. This means customers will be more motivated to add additional items to their cart. Consider starting with small “bundle and save” discounts such as 15% off so your net profit margins aren’t affected too much.

Give the people what they want (and more) this holiday season by bundling with Deliverr

Peak season can be a stressful time for both merchants and shoppers. Long wish-lists. Supply chain constraints. Last-minute gift ideas. But it doesn’t need to be.

Bundling with Deliverr provides a seamless approach to product bundling that allows you to:

  • Offer bundles to match natural customer behavior
  • Be strategic with your inventory and use virtual bundles to move specific SKUs
  • Increase your average order value and save costs
  • Move away from multiple apps and tools
  • And offer and fulfill bundles beyond Amazon FBA, giving you more seller options, including Shopify

See how you can bring SKUs together this holiday season by bundling with Deliverr or get in touch with our team to learn more.

Already have an idea for a holiday bundle? Get started today!


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