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ProductBoost: What are Wish ads and how to optimize them

Wish is a growing marketplace that all eCommerce merchants should aim to sell on this year. With the most-downloaded shopping app and more than 3 million products sold per day on the platform, it’s a marketplace opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

Unlike many traditional marketplaces, Wish has a new interactive product layout that’s sorted into different feeds. In order to help your items appear at the top of these feeds and to relevant customers, Wish has provided sellers with a marketplace ads product; ProductBoost.

This article will cover an overview of marketplace ads, how to use Wish ProductBoost, and a few best practices.

What are Marketplace ads?

Marketplace ads are advertising platforms provided by individual marketplaces for their sellers’ use. Other popular marketplaces have similar programs as Wish ProductBoost. These ad tools are usually PPC based on a set budget, and help relevant listings appear higher in search results, to promote more conversions.

What is Wish ProductBoost?

ProductBoost is Wish’s marketplace native advertising tool, which helps Wish sellers increase impressions for their items. Combined with Wish’s optimization algorithm, ProductBoost promotes sellers’ best products.

As of June 2020, sales increased by an average of $4.68 for every $1 spent on ProductBoost. Based on Wish tests in a controlled environment, ProductBoost ads drove 39% more sales for merchants on average.

Note that Wish ProductBoost is different from Wish Promoted Products. Whereas merchants can invest in ProductBoost to increase impressions, Promoted Products are an automatic function in Wish that shows shoppers what is selling well right now. Although you can increase your chances of being selected for Promoted Products, it’s not something sellers can set a budget to and turn on. Learn more about Promoted Products here.

How does ProductBoost work?

Sellers can add up to 200 products per ProductBoost campaign. Each campaign uses a machine learning algorithm to discover the best places for your products to appear and optimize the cost of impressions for your campaigns. It’ll show the most relevant products to shoppers who are most likely to make a purchase, alongside an “ad” badge.

ProductBoost helps you reach the top of search results on the Wish app, website, and related tabs.

Tip: Add 2-3 of your most popular products to start out, and test it for at least 7 days.

New feature alert: IntenseBoost

Merchants can also choose to enable the IntenseBoost feature, which will allow products to gain increased impressions in a shorter period of time at a higher spend. Specifically, ProductBoost campaigns with IntenseBoost enabled will showcase the product in premium and highly visible locations on users’ feeds in the Wish app and on This can be especially beneficial for newly uploaded products and products that are receiving low impressions.

Tip: Try IntenseBoost with new products or older products that were receiving low impressions.

How much does ProductBoost cost?

ProductBoost is a premium service, so there are fees associated with using it.

Merchants can set their own budgets for each ProductBoost campaign, which means you control how much you spend on Wish ads. While you’re setting up your campaign, you’ll be prompted to enter a budget and given an option to regularly add additional budget to your campaign.


If you choose not to add budget regularly, run out of funds, and want to top up, you can add more budget to your campaigns using Wish’s Add Budget feature.

How to set up Wish ads with ProductBoost

There are 3 ways merchants can set up their campaigns;

  1. Manually on your Merchant Dashboard
  2. Via API
  3. Via CSV upload

Here’s a quick overview of the manual option from your Merchant Dashboard.

Step 1: Select “Create Campaign” under your ProductBoost menu dropdown

Step 2: Fill in campaign information, including name and start/end date of your campaign

Step 3: Search for the products you’d like to add to your ProductBoost campaign

Step 4: Use Wish’s keyword tool to add relevant keywords to your campaign (optional)

Step 5: Input your budget, and whether you’d like to add a regular top-up

Hit Save Campaign, and your Wish ad campaign will go live!

Wish ProductBoost ads best practices

In order for your campaign to get the most ROI, it’s important to optimize your listings for conversions. ProductBoost will get your listing in front of the right buyers, but your content and product needs to do the rest.

Wish recommends strong product images, selecting the right SKUs to promote, and setting up ad experiments to see what converts best.

  1. Use strong product images. Wish is a mobile-optimized platform with a highly popular mobile app, which means your image choices need to be made with a mobile shopper in mind. It should be clear from the image alone what your product is and what purpose it has.
  2. Selecting the right SKUs to promote means setting your campaigns up for success. Look at which items are best sellers, which ones do well on other platforms, which are trending or timely, items that Wish doesn’t already have, and items you may have seasonal discounts on.
  3. Invest in testing different campaigns and ad components to see what’s most effective. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously with one aspect changed, such as a main picture, budget, or text. When you know what works, double down on that.

For a limited time, Wish is offering exclusive benefits for Deliverr merchants. Sign up with our referral link and get $100 in ProductBoost ad credit when you upload 10 products, and get a 5% (instead of 15%) revenue share throughout 2020.

This offer is only for US-based merchants.

To learn more, email the Wish team at

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