QR Codes are Making a Comeback: 5 Reasons to Use QR codes for Your eCommerce Business in 2022

Quick, contactless, convenient — these three words are more enticing than ever to consumers who spend less time in stores and more time scrolling to shop. From menus to coupons, advertising to wedding invitations, QR codes are used to create connections without the paper trail.

With the past years’ emphasis on convenience without contact, QR codes have once again become a staple for businesses. A scan of this advanced barcode can simplify the purchasing process, while providing the details and specifics the buyer requires. Now more than ever, consumers expect a paperless option and convenience when it comes to their experience shopping online, and QR codes are the answer – simple to create, easy to use, and packed with possibilities. Check out why this matters for an eCommerce business below:

1. Customer Convenience

What makes QR codes so convenient for the average customer? It’s so straightforward–no need for a fancy app download or typing in a web address. Even the most basic smartphone user knows how to take a picture using the camera function. QR codes can typically be accessed through the camera application, just point and scan and the user will be taken directly to the website that has been strategically placed for the consumer. 

Businesses can use QR codes to create mobile coupons, rebates, or loyalty programs. Buyers can scan the code and be taken to a website to view the available deals all in one place. Then the consumer can download a QR code to be presented in-store for discounts. The same applies to directing customers to rebate websites or for sign-ups for loyalty programs. Instead of a lengthy website address for the customer to type in from a receipt, they can scan and complete the form right from their handheld device. 

Customers living through the pandemic are now accustomed to contactless options. No longer are we using paper to check in for appointments, order food at a restaurant, or even RSVP for events. With QR codes being seen more in everyday life to create these contact-free solutions, businesses can capitalize on their resurgence by reimagining their use for sales experiences online.

2. Streamline Social Media 

Social media presence and advertising are crucial in getting consumers interested in products and services that are available from your business. How can QR fit here? A QR code can link all of your social media handles together, making it easier for a consumer to follow you on all platforms. This example from QR Code Generator shows the customer’s view from the scan of a single code. 

If a customer likes an online boutique they might receive promotional emails that go unopened or straight to the trash folder. If a customer is following the business on social media, they will see the updated merchandise, sales, and special events. A QR code is an easy way to increase followers and outreach on social media without the customer searching out the specific business. 

3. Enhance Engagement 

Increasing website traffic is important, so putting a QR code on an advertisement is a great alternative way to make that happen. QR codes offer interactive opportunities when placed strategically within advertisements. It would be impossible to convey all of the details of a product or promotion through a typical advertisement. Add a QR code and suddenly a customer who is interested can access a short video, specific product information, or read reviews through a simple scan. Below is an example from an Italian cooking workshop: 

Image Credit: QR Code Generator 

QR codes can also allow consumers to leave feedback and ratings for the business or item in the same manner. Attach a QR code to a shipping invoice or receipt and they can quickly be brought to a website to input their ratings on the product. A survey about their experience can also be connected to a QR code. Best of all, it is conveniently done with their handheld device. 

4. Purposeful Packaging

Including QR codes on advertisements offers a lot of benefits, and including them on packaging can be just as lucrative! In the same way this works for advertisements, buyers can scan a QR code to find out more about the product, other products like it, or reviews from customers who have previously purchased the item. This specific link to the product can equip buyers with everything they need to make an informed purchase, increasing their satisfaction and prospect of being a repeat customer. The example below from Beaconstac’s QR codes shows how to incorporate the code seamlessly with packaging right on the product.

When a package arrives and is opened by the consumer, there can be many reactions. “This is perfect, I wish I had ordered more.”  “I thought this would be bigger.” “Does this come in another color?” Adding a QR code right to the packaging will bring consumers right back to your site where they can find the answers to their questions, additional products that might interest them, or different options for exchanges and returns. This makes the process more convenient for the consumer, and can be done using the smartphone they already have on hand. 

5. Marketing Management

QR codes not only make the consumer experience better, they can provide information on how advertising methods are working. By using dynamic QR codes, businesses are able to track statistics about when and where scans are taking place. It can also track how many times a code is accessed and the operating system being used by the consumer. It can let you know if QR codes on billboards, signage, flyers, and product packaging are being utilized. These metrics can help you to build better marketing to target different locations, times of the year, and make QR placement within your brand even more strategic. 

Final Thoughts

Even though QR technology has been around for a long time, the pandemic era has proven that this type of easy-to-use technology will always be relevant. The ability to point and scan with a smartphone provides the convenience and efficiency consumers are looking for. As for businesses, the cost-effective nature of QR codes matched with its versatility makes it a valuable way to connect with consumers.

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