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Reduce your Facebook CPA by 50% with fast fulfillment

We’re announcing a new way for online sellers to advertise on Facebook in order to acquire more customers and optimize every dollar spent.

Deliverr sellers can now transform their product listing ads with unique delivery badges and drive buyers directly to their website, reaching a larger share of the one billion Facebook active user base.

These free 2-day standout badges on the ad sets dynamically display delivery promises across Facebook and Instagram, based on real-time inventory positions in the Deliverr network. As a bonus, buyers will spot a NextDay tag on some ads in qualifying zip codes — with no extra cost to the merchant!

We wanted to ensure these ads were affordable for all, while offering an unparalleled ad experience through months of diligent testing. We found that our pilot merchants saved 50% in Facebook Cost-Per-Action for 2-day and more than 62% for NextDay advertisements on average.

This age-old quest to reduce CPA, the amount spent to convert a browsing shopper into a buyer, is crucial in determining campaign effectiveness and overall profit margins.

Currently in closed beta, this program for Instagram ads will arrive soon.

How will this ad experience work?

The buyer journey is as follows:

  1. The customer sees a seller’s product on Facebook or Instagram
  2. Customer clicks on the Facebook or Instagram ad and is directed to the seller’s Shopify website, displaying either Free 2-day or NextDay delivery
  3. Customer checks out from Shopify website
  4. Deliverr takes care of the rest, fulfilling the order to the customer within the promised delivery date

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