Refer a friend to Discoverr. Get $1000

We’ve recruited the brightest minds for our first-ever conference, Discoverr, and we officially just opened up a few spots for your contacts too.

Ask your friends and extended network to attend Discoverr, our first-ever virtual conference that showcases Wish, Shopify, Google, Walmart and more secrets.

Fill out your referral form here

Prizes up to $1000

Win Amazon gift cards in the specified amounts:

  • If you sign 5 people up, you get $25
  • 10 people, you get $50
  • 15 people, you get $75
  • 20 people, you get $100
  • 100 people, you get $1000

How to refer friends

  1. Fill out our referral form with emails of people who may be interested. We will send them registration materials, but we will NOT automatically sign them up without their consent. Either you, or your contact, must do this directly.
  2. Ask your friends to register directly on our Discoverr page and put your email address down as a referral (that you used to sign up for Discoverr).


Is this a raffle?

Nope, it’s a 100% guaranteed payout.

What should I tell my friend about Discoverr?

It’s our first-ever eCommerce conference focused on providing Walmart, Shopify, Google and Wish secrets, strategies and top thought leadership that the industry has to offer. Even if they’re just curious, it’s a win-win situation to sign up. If something comes up, they will receive a recording of the session.

Be sure to send them the Discoverr registration page so they can read more about the sessions themselves.

How does my contact count as a referral?

You, or your friend must sign up directly on our Discoverr page. Tell them to specify your email when they fill out the form!

If they forget to fill out the form, no worries. If you’ve already referred them here and they sign up after July 20th, they can email me at and I can put them down as your contact. This must be done before the conference.

When do I receive payout and how does it work?

After Discoverr, we’ll match up those who attended with who was referred. Both parties — the referrer (you) and the referral (your contact) need to have registered and attended the conference to qualify. Attendance qualifies with being online for at least one session of the conference.

Then, voila, you get your payout. Allow 3-5 days after the conference for processing.

How many referrals can I submit?

Knock yourself out — we don’t have a cap on the number of people you can tell about Discoverr!

Email if you have any further questions about this.

Otherwise, see you (and your friends) at Discoverr!

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