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Ride The Wave Of Q4 Into The New Year

This is a guest post from the Zentail team.

The ability to move fast and operate efficiently – with remarkable service levels – are the most important success factors in the age of Amazon. Amazon has set a very high bar with state-of-the-art software and fulfillment technology that allows it to drive down operating costs and deliver products profitably at lower price points. What’s more, Amazon has conditioned consumers to expect 2-day delivery. Few multi-channel retailers can offer such service levels outside of Amazon.

As Amazon continues to push the pace of innovation and disruption, multi-channel merchants need to implement a winning strategy to access and optimize each non-Amazon sales channel. Although the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s not too late to stack the odds in your favor for a meaningful fourth quarter boost and set up your eCommerce business for remarkable growth in the new year.

Sales Channel Mix

Product discovery trends paint an important picture of the evolving eCommerce landscape. 49% of online product discovery happens on Amazon, 36% happens on search (primarily Google) and 15% happens on other channels, namely social (primarily on Facebook and Instagram). Are you selling on Google, Facebook and Instagram?

eBay generated $88.4 Billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 2017, up 6% for the year. Walmart’s commitment to becoming a leading eCommerce platform shows with their investment of $4.5 Billion during the fiscal year ending January 31, 2018. Google’s Shopping Actions hosted checkout across a vast network of major consumer properties including the Express shopping mall, search, voice assistant, Youtube, Gmail, and Maps is positioning the search giant to be a major player in this new era of eCommerce. Finally, Facebook’s hosted checkout experience on their B2C Marketplace, Shops and Daily Deals is making the world of multi-channel eCommerce a very exciting place to build a large retail business.

Even if your business is currently built to mainly sell Amazon’s marketplace, you’re just two simple steps away from transforming into a leading multi-channel retailer and selling everywhere your target customers are shopping.

How to boost your eCommerce business in 2019

Step 1: Subscription-based Multi-Channel Automation

Moving fast and operating efficiently – with remarkable service levels – on a growing number of high value shopping channels cannot be done without a central eCommerce operating system.

Zentail is one multi-channel tool offering a central operating system that allows businesses to get your entire product catalog listed to all major US shopping channels. In a matter of days – not months – your optimized listings, synchronized inventory and dynamic pricing will be generating you significant sales outside of Amazon and growing your Amazon business.

Zentail makes it simple to import your product data and automatically categorizes it for all of your channels. We call this our SMART Types which stands for Standard Marketplace Attribute Relationship Technology. It’s not just product categories, Zentail understands how your product attributes map across each of the channels you sell on.

Ultimately, SMART Types allow you to create high quality product listings on Walmart Marketplace with the click of a button.

Step 2: Become a 2-Day Delivery Multi-Channel Merchant with Deliverr

Deliverr offers the FBA-like outsourced fulfillment service for your non-Amazon channels that you’ve been waiting for. Until Deliverr, there was no external option that allowed merchants to cost-effectively fulfill orders nationwide – on a guaranteed channel-compliant basis – in a timeframe consumers now expect; 2 days.

In order to maximize the value of each selling channel, you need to give your products the greatest chance of being surfaced in filterable search results.

Deliverr’s close relationships with a growing number of channels means you get preferred access to Walmart Marketplace’s Free 2-Day Shipping listing flag as well as Walmart Performance Advertising sponsored products.

Deliverr’s service allows your eBay listings to participate in the Guaranteed Delivery Program:

Every multi-channel merchant wants to move fast but very few actually do. With the right partners, Zentail and Deliverr, you can gain subscription access to world class retail automation and 3rd party fulfillment. Just in time to ride the Q4 wave, this is your opportunity to move fast and get your products listed on every major US channel with nationwide 2-day delivery.

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