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Reflecting on our Series E Fundraise: The Billion Dollar Fulfillment Network for All

Today, we announced $250 million in new funding. New funding is not something we celebrate in and of itself – it is simply an additional means to accomplish our mission.

Our mission is to enable any merchant, from the smallest startup entrepreneur to the largest omnichannel eCommerce retailer, to offer affordable and reliable 2-day, Next-day, and same-day eCommerce fulfillment. Fast and reliable fulfillment creates an exceptional buying experience for customers, who are now conditioned to expect faster delivery. As we’ve seen time and time again, merchants that meet these expectations are rewarded with happier customers and remarkable increases in sales

This funding will enable us to put more resources behind our mission. As always, we will continue to put merchants first in every decision we make, striving to give all merchants the ‘superpower’ of fast, affordable and reliable eCommerce fulfillment. 

Thousands of merchants today entrust us with a core part of their business – their inventory and customer experience.  At Deliverr, we take this responsibility very seriously. When we do our job well, our merchants thank us with reviews like this.

This review, in particular, highlights the three key pillars of Deliverr

  1. Sell more & sell everywhere
  2. Clear & transparent pricing 
  3. A hassle-free experience

Sell more & sell everywhere

Customers are more likely to buy a product when they see free and fast delivery promises. Conversely, nearly 50% of consumers will shop elsewhere if delivery times are too slow. Merchants and retailers that don’t offer next-day delivery risk falling behind and losing customers.Fast fulfillment drives revenue. Merchants who opt into our fast-shipping programs, what we call ‘Fast Tags’, are selling more while their customer acquisition costs come down. As a result, Deliverr merchants grew 90% year-over-year, significantly more than the general eCommerce growth rate.

In 2021, we launched Next-day fulfillment – Deliverr merchants can now reach over 100M Americans with next-day delivery as we localize their inventory close to large population centers.

Inventory localization will also enable our merchants to have an additional 9 days of sales, as items fulfilled by Deliverr will travel shorter distances to reach customers, while other providers will struggle to fulfill orders within 2 weeks of Christmas. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our next-day capabilities and our inventory localization program.

Deliverr is also unique in that it does not require its merchants to commit a certain amount of inventory to each sales channel they use.  Because Deliverr is fully integrated with so many different sales channels, Deliverr merchants can simply place all of their inventory in the Deliverr network, and rest assured that all orders will be fulfilled without restriction.

In 2021 we launched 9 new integrations with various sales channels. With our latest integration with Etsy, merchants on Deliverr can now reach 86M new shoppers.

Customers around the world want to buy products from U.S.-based merchants. In fact, 20% of all eCommerce is cross-border. That is why we have enabled affordable shipping to 220 countries with a few simple clicks.

Clear & transparent pricing

eCommerce fulfillment pricing is broken. Legacy 3PLs charge a convoluted assortment of fees that are nearly impossible to decipher. There are fees for:

  • Receiving
  • Picking & packing
  • Software fees 
  • Packaging fees
  • Storage fees that depend on pallets or bins
  • Zone-based shipping fees
  • Accessorial fees
  • Rural area delivery surcharges
  • Account-management fees
  • SKU-creation fees
  • and many more. 

Convoluted pricing makes it difficult for eCommerce businesses and even large enterprises to understand how much they are actually paying until they receive their first invoice.

At Deliverr we simply have two fees – Fulfillment and Storage. 

An order’s fulfillment price depends on the SKU and number of units. Storage pricing is based on the total cubic feet of the product. Merchants can see exactly what a given SKU will cost on our Cost Calculator – there are no surprises. With this clarity, merchants can model their fulfillment costs before sending even a single unit of inventory to Deliverr.

A hassle-free experience

eCommerce fulfillment is complex. Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, we doubled down on technology, process, and labor investments to ensure progress on the basic tenets of eCommerce fulfillment. As a result, receiving, shipping, and delivery metrics are improving even through the pandemic.

We also launched an industry-leading claims process. Now, with a few clicks, you can file claims for your orders and get approved instantly.

In 2021, we tripled the size of our support team which has reduced support times and improved customer satisfaction.

We will continue to make Deliverr the easiest-to-use fulfillment service

Looking forward

In 2022, we will continue to build on our three pillars: 

  • Sell more & sell everywhere, 
  • Clear & transparent pricing, 
  • A hassle-free experience. 

Here is a quick preview of a few things we will be launching:

We will continue to further expand our Next-day delivery coverage. Nothing thrills us more than when a merchant sells more products because they are able to offer reliable Next-day fulfillment to their customers. By April, merchants using Deliverr will be able to provide Next-day delivery to 168 million Americans.

Within the next few months, we will launch a highly requested dashboard to provide actionable insights into our merchants’ businesses. Merchants will be able to easily find orders, shipping plans, and SKUs that require their attention. They will be able to track inventory and review receiving, shipping, and delivery metrics. More importantly, merchants will be able to assess 1) how their customers are taking advantage of Next-day and 2-day delivery and 2) the impact on their sales from these new fulfillment options.

We will continue to expand the flexibility of our network for merchants.  We will build out lot tracking so merchants can track the manufacturing-lots of inventory and connect orders to specific lots.  We will expand our network of warehouses to include temperature-controlled locations for temperature-sensitive products.  We will offer inventory preparation so merchants can send us products directly from manufacturers, saving them time and money. Finally, we will offer returns processing so merchants no longer need to have a separate location to manage returns, and can run all of their eCommerce fulfillment through Deliverr.

If you are interested in taking early advantage of these offerings, contact us.

Thank you to our merchants

Thank you to the Deliverr merchant community – you are what makes Deliverr special. Being able to support your businesses and watch your businesses scale is what keeps us motivated.  

We are driven by your success.

Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, the recovery, and beyond, we have given our best to put you first, and we will continue to do that. And we commit to bringing you the ‘superpower’ of fast, reliable, and affordable eCommerce fulfillment. 

We wish everyone a happy holidays, and are excited to support our merchants through what will be another action-packed holiday shopping season!

Michael, Harish, and the Deliverr Team

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